North Dakota: Alcohol Drug Testing and Screening Information

North Dakota Alcohol Drug Testing and Screening


Our goal is to provide you with the best resources of information regarding Alcohol and Drug Testing within North Dakota. Below you will find links to official US government drug and alcohol testing laws and regulations.

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North Dakota Official Alcohol and Drug Testing Laws, Regulations and Information:

North Dakota Drug Alcohol Testing Coverage:

North Dakota, Alcohol and Drug Testing Service Information Cities, Zip Codes and Area Codes:

North Dakota, Alcohol and Drug Testing Service Information Cities, Zip Codes and Area Codes:
CityZip CodesArea Codes
Abercrombie ND58001701
Absaraka ND58002701
Adams ND58210701
Agate ND58310701
Alamo ND58830701
Alexander ND58831701
Almont ND58520701
Alsen ND58311701
Ambrose ND58833701
Amenia ND58004701
Amidon ND58620701
Anamoose ND58710701
Aneta ND58212701
Antler ND58711701
Argusville ND58005701
Arnegard ND58835701
Arthur ND58006701
Arvilla ND58214701
Ashley ND58413701
Ayr ND58007701
Baldwin ND58521701
Balfour ND58712701
Balta ND58313701
Bantry ND58713701
Barney ND58008701
Bathgate ND58216701
Beach ND58621701
Belcourt ND58316701
Belfield ND58622701
Benedict ND58716701
Berlin ND58415701
Berthold ND58718701
Beulah ND58523701
Binford ND58416701
Bisbee ND58317701
Bismarck ND58501, 58502, 58503, 58504, 58505, 58506, 58507701
Blanchard ND58009701
Bottineau ND58318701
Bowbells ND58721701
Bowdon ND58418701
Bowman ND58623701
Braddock ND58524701
Bremen ND58319701
Brocket ND58321701
Buchanan ND58420701
Buffalo ND58011701
Burlington ND58722701
Butte ND58723701
Buxton ND58218701
Caledonia ND58219701
Calvin ND58323701
Cando ND58324701
Cannon Ball ND58528701
Carpio ND58725701
Carrington ND58421701
Carson ND58529701
Cartwright ND58838701
Casselton ND58012701
Cathay ND58422701
Cavalier ND58220701
Cayuga ND58013701
Center ND58530701
Chaseley ND58423701
Christine ND58015701
Churchs Ferry ND58325701
Cleveland ND58424701
Clifford ND58016701
Cogswell ND58017701
Coleharbor ND58531701
Colfax ND58018701
Columbus ND58727701
Cooperstown ND58425701
Courtenay ND58426701
Crary ND58327701
Crosby ND58730701
Crystal ND58222701
Cummings ND58223701
Dahlen ND58224701
Davenport ND58021701
Dawson ND58428701
Dazey ND58429701
Deering ND58731701
Denhoff ND58430701
Des Lacs ND58733701
Devils Lake ND58301701
Dickey ND58431701
Dickinson ND58601, 58602701
Dodge ND58625701
Donnybrook ND58734701
Douglas ND58735701
Drake ND58736701
Drayton ND58225701
Driscoll ND58532701
Dunn Center ND58626701
Dunseith ND58329701
Edgeley ND58433701
Edinburg ND58227701
Edmore ND58330701
Egeland ND58331701
Elgin ND58533701
Ellendale ND58436701
Emerado ND58228701
Enderlin ND58027701
Epping ND58843701
Erie ND58029701
Esmond ND58332701
Fairdale ND58229701
Fairfield ND58627701
Fairmount ND58030701
Fargo ND58102, 58103, 58104, 58105, 58106, 58107, 58108, 58109, 58121, 58122, 58124, 58125, 58126701
Fessenden ND58438701
Fingal ND58031701
Finley ND58230701
Flasher ND58535701
Flaxton ND58737701
Forbes ND58439701
Fordville ND58231701
Forest River ND58233701
Forman ND58032701
Fort Ransom ND58033701
Fort Totten ND58335701
Fort Yates ND58538701
Fortuna ND58844701
Fredonia ND58440701
Fullerton ND58441701
Gackle ND58442701
Galesburg ND58035701
Gardner ND58036701
Garrison ND58540701
Gilby ND58235701
Gladstone ND58630701
Glasston ND58236701
Glen Ullin ND58631701
Glenburn ND58740701
Glenfield ND58443701
Golden Valley ND58541701
Golva ND58632701
Goodrich ND58444701
Grace City ND58445701
Grafton ND58237701
Grand Forks ND58201, 58202, 58203, 58206, 58207, 58208701
Grand Forks Afb ND58204, 58205701
Grandin ND58038701
Granville ND58741701
Grassy Butte ND58634701
Grenora ND58845701
Gwinner ND58040701
Hague ND58542701
Halliday ND58636701
Hamilton ND58238701
Hampden ND58338701
Hankinson ND58041701
Hannaford ND58448701
Hannah ND58239701
Hansboro ND58339701
Harvey ND58341701
Harwood ND58042701
Hatton ND58240701
Havana ND58043701
Hazelton ND58544701
Hazen ND58545701
Hebron ND58638701
Hensel ND58241701
Hettinger ND58639701
Hillsboro ND58045701
Hoople ND58243701
Hope ND58046701
Horace ND58047701
Hunter ND58048701
Hurdsfield ND58451701
Inkster ND58244701
Jamestown ND58401, 58402, 58405701
Jessie ND58452701
Jud ND58454701
Karlsruhe ND58744701
Kathryn ND58049701
Keene ND58847701
Kenmare ND58746701
Kensal ND58455701
Killdeer ND58640701
Kindred ND58051701
Kintyre ND58549701
Knox ND58343701
Kramer ND58748701
Kulm ND58456701
Lakota ND58344701
Lamoure ND58458701
Langdon ND58249701
Lankin ND58250701
Lansford ND58750701
Larimore ND58251701
Lawton ND58345701
Leeds ND58346701
Lefor ND58641701
Lehr ND58460701
Leonard ND58052701
Lidgerwood ND58053701
Lignite ND58752701
Linton ND58552701
Lisbon ND58054701
Litchville ND58461701
Luverne ND58056701
Maddock ND58348701
Maida ND58255701
Makoti ND58756701
Mandan ND58554701
Mandaree ND58757701
Manning ND58642701
Mantador ND58058701
Manvel ND58256701
Mapleton ND58059701
Marion ND58466701
Marmarth ND58643701
Marshall ND58644701
Martin ND58758701
Max ND58759701
Maxbass ND58760701
Mayville ND58257701
Mcclusky ND58463701
Mcgregor ND58755701
Mchenry ND58464701
Mcleod ND58057701
Mcville ND58254701
Medina ND58467701
Medora ND58645701
Mekinock ND58258701
Menoken ND58558701
Mercer ND58559701
Michigan ND58259701
Milnor ND58060701
Milton ND58260701
Minnewaukan ND58351701
Minot ND58701, 58702, 58703, 58707701
Minot Afb ND58704, 58705701
Minto ND58261701
Moffit ND58560701
Mohall ND58761701
Montpelier ND58472701
Mooreton ND58061701
Mott ND58646701
Mountain ND58262701
Munich ND58352701
Mylo ND58353701
Napoleon ND58561701
Neche ND58265701
Nekoma ND58355701
New England ND58647701
New Leipzig ND58562701
New Rockford ND58356701
New Salem ND58563701
New Town ND58763701
Newburg ND58762701
Niagara ND58266701
Nome ND58062701
Noonan ND58765701
Northwood ND58267701
Norwich ND58768701
Oakes ND58474701
Oberon ND58357701
Oriska ND58063701
Osnabrock ND58269701
Page ND58064701
Palermo ND58769701
Park River ND58270701
Parshall ND58770701
Pekin ND58361701
Pembina ND58271701
Penn ND58362701
Perth ND58363701
Petersburg ND58272701
Pettibone ND58475701
Pillsbury ND58065701
Pingree ND58476701
Pisek ND58273701
Plaza ND58771701
Portal ND58772701
Portland ND58274701
Powers Lake ND58773701
Raleigh ND58564701
Ray ND58849701
Reeder ND58649701
Regan ND58477701
Regent ND58650701
Reynolds ND58275701
Rhame ND58651701
Richardton ND58652701
Riverdale ND58565701
Robinson ND58478701
Rocklake ND58365701
Rogers ND58479701
Rolette ND58366701
Rolla ND58367701
Roseglen ND58775701
Ross ND58776701
Rugby ND58368701
Ruso ND58778701
Rutland ND58067701
Ryder ND58779701
Saint Anthony ND58566701
Saint John ND58369701
Saint Michael ND58370701
Saint Thomas ND58276701
Sanborn ND58480701
Sarles ND58372701
Sawyer ND58781701
Scranton ND58653701
Selfridge ND58568701
Sentinel Butte ND58654701
Sharon ND58277701
Sheldon ND58068701
Sherwood ND58782701
Sheyenne ND58374701
Shields ND58569701
Solen ND58570701
Souris ND58783701
South Heart ND58655701
Spiritwood ND58481701
Stanley ND58784701
Stanton ND58571701
Starkweather ND58377701
Steele ND58482701
Sterling ND58572701
Stirum ND58069701
Strasburg ND58573701
Streeter ND58483701
Surrey ND58785701
Sutton ND58484701
Sykeston ND58486701
Tappen ND58487701
Taylor ND58656701
Thompson ND58278701
Tioga ND58852701
Tokio ND58379701
Tolley ND58787701
Tolna ND58380701
Tower City ND58071701
Towner ND58788701
Trenton ND58853701
Turtle Lake ND58575701
Tuttle ND58488701
Underwood ND58576701
Upham ND58789701
Valley City ND58072701
Velva ND58790701
Verona ND58490701
Voltaire ND58792701
Wahpeton ND58074, 58075, 58076701
Walcott ND58077701
Wales ND58281701
Walhalla ND58282701
Warwick ND58381701
Washburn ND58577701
Watford City ND58854701
Webster ND58382701
West Fargo ND58078701
Westhope ND58793701
Wheatland ND58079701
White Earth ND58794701
Wildrose ND58795701
Williston ND58801, 58802701
Willow City ND58384701
Wilton ND58579701
Wimbledon ND58492701
Wing ND58494701
Wishek ND58495701
Wolford ND58385701
Woodworth ND58496701
Wyndmere ND58081701
York ND58386701
Ypsilanti ND58497701
Zahl ND58856701
Zap ND58580701
Zeeland ND58581701