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Confirmation and Confirmation with Medical Review Officer Services

Are you in need of Employee Drug Test Confirmation or Confirmation with Medical Review Officer Services?

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About Our Confirmation and MRO Services
  • Low, Low Pricing: You won’t pay more for our top notch SAMHSA certified laboratories. In fact you may even pay less then lower class labs. Our research has shown that our services are not only superior but also less expensive.
  • We only use SAMHSA Certified Laboratories. SAMHSA Certification is the highest certification a laboratory can receive for employee drug testing specimens. We do this to ensure that you only receive the highest quality results and service. This service is approved for DOT and all government organizations.
  • We include Free FedEx Overnight Shipping for all specimens you send in from any address within the Continental USA.
  • Superior service: Once you are signed up for service you have direct access via phone, fax, internet and email to people that can help you get results. Since service is something that can only be experienced, please give us a chance to prove ourselves to you! You won’t be sorry.
  • Fast Turnaround: Confirmation specimens are processed Monday thru Saturday except holidays. Standard turnaround time for the confirmation results are 24 to 48-hours from the time the sample is received. The MROs first contact attempt is normally made within 24 business hours after the Confirmation results have been received by the MRO. The normal MRO process can take 48 to 72 hours to complete but may extend to 5 days or more depending on the response of the donor.
How to Order
Buy Instant Drug Kits from our Site: All our Employee Drug Testing Kits where Confirmation and Medical Review Officer Service are available allow you to add on these services within Confirmation and MRO Box box on most every product page.
Drug Testing Confirmation MRO How to
  • Buy our Sterile Cups: If you don’t want our instant drug testing kits but still want to use our Confirmation and MRO services you may also buy our Sterile Cups and order the service with the product. Buy Sterile Cups Here.
  • Use your Kits and Cups. We cannot process just any specimen stored in any manner. Our laboratories will only process kits or cups sold from this website. However in some circumstances we may accept testing cups or kits you currently own. If you would like us to consider using your kits or cups please fill out the form below and tell us about your needs.
  • Confirmation Service Fee: Average cost $35 per drug. Final price depends on volume and is determined by you and the lab during setup.
  • Medial Review Officer Add-on: $10 per Person Donating Sample.
The General Process – Pay nothing now.

Shortly after your order is placed you will be contacted directly by your SAMHSA Certified Lab who will ensure your account is setup correctly. Shortly after setup you will receive the supplies needed to send in your specimens in for confirmation processing as part of your order. These will include pre-filled out forms, prepaid mailers and everything else you may need.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If wanting Confirmation or Confirmation with MRO do not do any testing with your instant test kits until your account has been setup and you have received the supplies.

A Chain of Custody (CoC) form must be filled out for every specimen collected and the ID sticker placed on the matching specimen container.

The specimen containers are put into a clinical mailing pouch from FedEx.

The top original copy of the CoC (Chain of Custody) form is placed within the pouch for every specimen included in the mailing.

The prepaid shipping label is then stuck on the sealed clinical mailing pouch and collected by FedEx. Upon Receipt of the mailing, the lab will charge your credit card or bill your account for the Confirmation and/or MRO services ordered. Note that you will deal directly with the lab for all payments and results.

Contact Us Regarding Confirmation and Confirmation with MRO Services

For Confirmation and Confirmation with MRO orders please read the section above “How to Order” for ordering instructions. For all other inquiries about this service please fill out the form below. 

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    Please provide the details of your inquiry below. If you have your own products that you would like to use with our service, please provide as much information as possible about them as in the manufacturer name, expiration date, product code, and how were they stored: *