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Drug Testing Ace was specifically created to make work place pre-employment drug screening and employee drug testing Easy, Fast and Affordable. You can buy high quality, accurate, and commercially approved drug testing kits at a substantial discount over the competition. We offer the best for less!

We are a dedicated team of professionals with a combination of talents. Many of our team members have worked in the drug and clinical testing industry for over a decade. We have combined this drug and clinical testing industry experience with a staff of Internet professionals dedicated to bringing you the most effective online shopping experience in the industry.

We not only carry high quality and accurate drug and alcohol testing kits, we combine those kits with easy to order Confirmation and MRO Services, full service Onsite and Offsite drug and alcohol testing programs and a dedicated Customer Service Department. Our combination of drug testing and technical professionals have gone far beyond the traditional discounted shopping experience to provide a truly useful Resource for all of your Employee Drug Testing needs. We are a very dedicated group located throughout the USA all working to provide the best experience at the best prices! We are a full service one-stop-shop for employee drug testing kits, services, supplies and information!

Compare Apples to Apples

Be careful when comparison shopping. Much of our competition sells low quality drug test kits that have higher failure and false positive rates which will cost you more in the end. In addition, much of our competition does not have FDA 510k Cleared Storage and Shipping Facilities which means that they open manufacturers’ sealed boxed products, sell individual tests, mix manufacturing lots and in some cases, will resell returned unsealed merchandise. All of these practices can lead to the results being called into question in a court of law. Why take the risk?
We sell only new boxes sealed by the manufacturer and shipped from our FDA 510K Cleared and ISO Certified (13485:2003+AC:2007) Facilities. We strive to sell boxes from the same lot number whenever possible (It is not always possible with very large orders.) We do not break open or repackage boxes. We do all of this and more in order to protect our customers. This gives you added protection legally and will save you time and money in the long run.

Why Are We Your Best Choice?

1. We are an Easy-to-Use One-Stop-Shop for all your employee drug testing and information needs. Each product page has all the forms, product documentation, legal certifications, and additional contact resources. In addition, you have free access to the most complete Employee Drug Testing Resources Online where you can find legal documents, forms, product documentation, legal certifications, official contacts and much more! This site is dedicated to making your Employee Drug Testing experience as easy and cost effective as possible. Shopping with us is confidential, secure and always private.

2. We combine the top quality drug and alcohol testing kits that are Accurate and Certified with our best-in-class Customer Service. We have found through years of experience that low quality imported tests sold by other companies actually COST MORE MONEY in the long run as they have much higher failure and false positive reading rates. Legally, our tests have proven that they hold up in a court of law.

3. Order SAMHSA Certified Confirmation Service directly from our product pages! None of our competition makes Confirmation Testing this fast and easy! SAMHSA Certification is the highest quality certification a lab can receive. We offer this service for less than many others charge for Non-SAMHSA certified results. Easy ordering; superior service, security and results!

4. Additionally, we offer a certified, top quality Medical Review Officer (MRO) at a discounted rate. For companies who need added legal protection and who want more of a personal touch, you can order optional Medical Review Officer (MRO) services with Confirmation Services from product pages.

5. We Store and Ship all our drug testing kits and supplies from an FDA 510k Cleared and ISO Certified (13485:2003+AC: 2007) facility. We never break a manufacturer’s seal on any box to ensure you receive the highest quality products on the market today. Many of our competitors don’t offer this level of protection for their customers. Don’t take a chance! If your kits are not cared for, stored and shipped correctly, the test results may be challenged in court. 

6. 12,000+ Offsite Employee Drug and Alcohol Testing Locations. We have designed our Offsite Drug Testing Programs specifically to save you money. Our extensive network of laboratories and collection facilities around the nation, combined with our great prices, means that we are the right choice for companies of any size.

7. Complete Onsite Drug Testing Services. Would you like someone to come to your facility to help you administer your program? We find a Third Party Administrator (TPA) to come to your location, and they will take care of everything, from administering the tests to filling out the proper paperwork to sending any positive tests in for Confirmation. As a full service provider, we can offer both products and services at substantial savings over our competition.  

8. Need even more reasons to shop with Drug Testing Ace for your pre-employment and employee drug and alcohol testing kits and services? Please visit our Why Shop at Drug Testing Ace for more details.

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