Top Ten Employment Drug Abuse Tips | Top Ten Pre-Employment Drug Abuse Tips



Please note that individual states have different laws regarding employment drug testing. Please Contact Us for your free Drug Testing Program Review and review our Official Drug Testing Links for help.

  1. Raise awareness in employees through a well-planned written drug-free workplace policy and establishment of an Employee Assistance Program (EAP).
  2. Educate supervisors and managers in methods of drug detection and deterrence through regular training.
  3. Advertise that drug tests are performed on every employee. Drug users tend to avoid companies that do routine drug testing.
  4. Perform pre-employment drug and alcohol testing on new hires and as a condition of employment.
  5. Drug test employees whenever “reasonable suspicion” is indicated and legally allowed.
  6. Perform random, on-site specimen collections on 50% of your employee base annually. This greatly reinforces the odds against intentionally adulterated drug tests.
  7. Insure that on-site employee drug testing cheaters don’t have an opportunity to adulterate specimens by: making donors wash their hands before giving a specimen so that adulterants cannot be concealed under the fingernails; removing soaps and other possible adulterants from collection site; not allowing employees to “go to the locker room” or anywhere outside the collection site; not allowing coats, handbags or any other possible way to conceal adulterants in the collection area.
  8. Perform Saliva Drug Testing in addition to or as an alternative to urine testing. Oral Fluid Drug Testing is done on site and face to face with the donor, making it difficult to alter or adulterate employee drug testing specimens, as well as being the most non-invasive employment drug testing collection and detection method.
  9. Utilize Confirmation drug testing of employee drug screening specimens that are positive by a certified lab and the services of a licensed Medical Review Officer (MRO).
  10. Know your employees. Direct observation is one of the best deterrents to employee substance abuse.

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