Confirmation and Confirmation with Medial Review Officer MRO Services

Drug Test Confirmation and MRO


Confirmation Drug Testing

Confirmation Drug Testing is recommended when an instant employee drug testing kit delivers a positive or “non-negative” result. Companies that understand the need for legally defensible employee drug testing procedures and policies know that using Confirmation Services for non-negative results greatly minimizes their overall liability. This is particularly true in the case of employees who have been fired, involved in an accident or for those who are not hired.

Should an instant employee drug test be revealed as non-negative, the company can send the specimen to a certified drug testing laboratory for Confirmation. Employee Drug Testing Ace Confirmation services are shipped prepaid via UPS or FedEx to a certified SAMHSA laboratory. Once at the lab, the specimen can be testing by a computerized Enzyme Immunoassay (EIA) screening, GC/MS (gas chromatograph/mass spectrometry), and others before reporting the results. You can receive results by phone, fax, email, or via a secure website.

Confirmation Drug Testing with MRO (Medical Review Officer)

When an employee drug test has been confirmed positive by a certified drug testing laboratory, DOT regulations require that a Medical Review Officer review the results. Non-DOT organizations generally do not require MRO services.

A Medical Review Officer (MRO) is a licensed physician (M.D.) with training in substance abuse as well as in-depth understanding of the protocols and Chain of Custody (CoC) requirements involved in employee drug testing. The DOT / Department of Transportation requires MRO certification for physicians who perform MRO duties for federally mandated employment drug testing.

The MRO interprets lab results to determine whether a legitimate medical explanation exists for any employee who has a “confirmed positive” result. The MRO also examines drug tests that show a negative result, but which show an abnormal result that may indicate attempted alteration. The MRO then contacts the employee and gives them or their physician the opportunity to provide verifiable evidence of legally prescribed medication and determines whether there is any other medical reason for the confirmed positive result. If so, the MRO has the authority to overturn the Confirmation ruling.

The presence of an MRO protects the employer against potential litigation and also serves to protect the rights and dignity of the employee. They are responsible, at all times, for maintaining high scientific standards as well as the confidentiality of medical information for both employer and employee. The MRO is an expert resource who can professionally advise your company in substance abuse detection, deterrence and treatment options as well as quality control procedures. They are a vital part of any Certified Drug-free Workplace program.

DOT Services We Offer

  1. Third Party Administered (TPA) Onsite Employee Testing combined with SAMHSA certified Confirmation with Medical Review Officer services.
  2. Offsite certified employee testing services combined with SAMHSA certified Confirmation and Medical Review Officer services.
  3. We also carry 2 DOT-approved saliva tests and 1 DOT-approved breath alcohol test.
  4. We can assist you in every aspect of a DOT Certified Drug-Free Workplace. We offer a Drug Testing Program Review to help you save money and be compliant.