How to Create a Drug Free Workplace

Create a Certified Drug-Free Workplace


Creating a Certified Drug-Free Workplace is fairly simple.

Policy Updates. It is essential to have up-to-date, clearly written, employee drug testing policies and procedures that are publicized and uniformly applied to all employees. We can help by reviewing your existing policy or guide you in creating an original policy as part of our Drug Testing Program Review.

Program Evaluations. We offer a complimentary Employee Drug Testing Program Review. This determines what types of employee drug testing or pre-employment drug screening you require and guides you in implementing a successful Certified Drug-Free Workplace program. We also may be able to assist you in the setup of a Random Employee Drug Testing program with our state-of-the art software.

Locations and Products. Based on your evaluation, we will advise you on which discounted employee drug testing and drug screening kits and supplies are right for you. We can also offer you access to over 12,000+ offsite locations with SAMHSA certified confirmation lab process as well as onsite employee drug testing services.

Training. We support your desire to create a Certified Drug-free Workplace. We provide links to detection and deterrence awareness programs as well as access to documentation, and drug-testing protocols.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP). We offer links to reputable treatment providers to give your employees access to the most effective drug assessment, treatment and rehabilitation services.

Employee Drug Testing Ace is here to help in any way possible to provide you with the valuable links to information you need to create a Certified Drug-free Workplace. Please Contact Us today to Get Started!