Pre-Employment and Employee Drug Testing Program Review

Employment Alcohol and Drug Testing Program Review


We offer a special complimentary review of all your employee drug testing and pre-employment drug screening needs. Our Drug Testing Program Review saves you time and money by determining:

Employee Drug Testing Kits & Products Needed: We can advise on the best products to comply with the requirements you are trying to meet. In many cases we can show you how to save money by structuring a program with the correct products and services. With all the different testing requirements most companies are unaware how much they can save by using different products at different stages that comply with the standards they are trying to meet.

Location & Reliability: If it is determined that you need offsite drug testing you will have access to 12,000+ certified off-site drug testing and employee drug test collection sites. Utilize regional labs more effectively and find the certified drug testing lab and drop sites most convenient to you. You are never tied to a single network.

Set Up & Reporting: Flexible reporting options give you the most streamlined employee drug testing and screening process. In most cases we can help you get up and running in 24 hours. Receive results by phone, fax, email or by secure website.

DOT Compliance: Simplify your employee drug testing process and insure that it is legally defensible. For certified DOT programs, we offer Onsite and Offsite collection services with Confirmation with Medical Review Officer (MRO) support. Avoid high DOT fines. Let us advise you on full DOT compliance while saving you money.

Certified Drug-Free Workplace: Become a Certified Drug-Free Workplace. We’ll show you how. We review your existing employee drug testing policies and help you create a drug testing program. We also provide resources for the most effective intervention, treatment and rehabilitation options to support your employment drug testing policy.

Random & Alternative Employee Drug Testing: Random employment drug testing is part of a successful Certified Drug-free Workplace program. We can advise you on how to set up unannounced employee drug testing at any frequency.

Allow us to help you create a Certified Drug-Free Workplace program. We offer the best employee drug testing and pre-employment drug screening products and services designed specifically for your work place. And, it’s completely FREE!