DOT Resources for Employment Drug Testing and Screening



We understand and are here to help you navigate the complexities of your Department of Transportation (DOT) compliant pre-employment and employment drug and alcohol testing programs.

We have 2 DOT compliant employee drug testing service programs and a number of DOT regulated alcohol test kits:

  1. Offsite Employee Drug and Alcohol Testing Services*: Send your employees to an offsite location for testing.
  2. Onsite Employee Drug and Alcohol Testing Collection Services*: Have a Third Party Administrator (TPA) come to your place of business and administer the drug test to your employees.
  3. We also have a few instant DOT Regulated Alcohol Test Kits.

* Services include SAMHSA certified Confirmation with Medical Review Officer (MRO) services.

Our free Drug Testing Program Review will allow us to help you construct a cost effective DOT compliant employee drug testing program.

Information Resources

Looking for more official information? Please view our DOT Information and Links as well as our Official Drug Testing Contact List for a complete list of drug testing related contacts, information and links.