Alcohol Urine Testing

Alcohol Urine Testing

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Alcohol urine testing can be performed in different ways. Traditional alcohol urine testing methods measure the alcohol concentration in urine up to 6 hours after alcohol ingestion. EtG alcohol urine testing utilizes the metabolite Ethyl Glucuronide to check if alcohol was consumed within the last 80 hours. For abstinence and zero tolerance circumstance programs, EtG alcohol urine testing is a great match. To check if employees consumed alcohol within the last 6 hours exceeding legal alcohol blood concentrations, instant test kits are a cheap alternative to alcohol urine testing. Inexpensive rapid breath and saliva kits provide immediate reliable results. To ensure legal protection, positive test results need to be confirmed by laboratory alcohol urine testing. This process can save you money.

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We can come to your location to perform alcohol urine testing for you. If you prefer to send your employees offsite for alcohol urine testing you can choose from our vast network of collection sites. Please contact us for a quote: Alcohol Urine Testing Onsite & Offsite Services.

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