AlcoScreen Saliva Alcohol Screening and Testing Kits. 55001-25 / 5500125

Alco-Screen Regular Saliva Alcohol Drug Test Kit 55001-25 Box of 24

Alco-Screen saliva alcohol testing kit.
by Alere Abbott

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Product Code: 55001-25 / 55001-25

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Product Description

This one-step, fast, user-friendly saliva drug test feature an alcohol saliva drug test strip that easily measures Saliva Alcohol Concentration (SAC) at 0.02% and above. Complete saliva drug testing instructions included. This alcohol drug test has an average shelf life at room temperature of 9-12 months.

Use our saliva drug testing and screening kits for identifying alcohol consumption in minutes. Our low-cost, easy to use saliva Alcohol Drug Test Kits instantly measure Saliva Alcohol Concentration (SAC) from the DOT federally-mandated zero tolerance level of 0.02% and above. The SAC test approximates that of Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC).

All work place Alcohol Drug Tests are near laboratory accurate, reliable, meet commercial requirements and are non-invasive. There is zero contact with people’s saliva or breath, making them tamper proof. These saliva alcohol drug tests are alcohol reactive only, with no false positive results.

Note: Alcohol generally remains in the human body for 4-6 hours. Impairment varies in each individual due to physical size, weight, activity levels, eating habits and alcohol tolerance.

How To Use: The AlcoScreen Regular is placed on the tip of the tongue for 4 minutes and produces color ranges from light green-gray (.02%) to dark blue gray (.30%) with color blocks within this range to allow a visual approximation of Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC).

Manufacturer: AlcoScreen Alcohol tests are manufactured by Chematics, Inc. Chematics is a privately held biotechnology company engaged in the development and manufacture of novel in-vitro diagnostic testing solutions and products that facilitate early identification of abnormal or unhealthy conditions.

Drug Test Detects

  • Alcohol

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Cheat Protection 1

  • Tamper Proof Test

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  • Box of 24
  • All-Inclusive Alcohol Test Device
  • One-Step Alcohol Drug Test Device
  • For Forensic Use Only
  • For Criminal Justice Use Only
  • No Contact with Saliva Makes this Drug Test Tamper Proof
  • Approximates Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) from 0.02% to 0.30%.
  • Uses Saliva to Test the Presence of Alcohol
  • Meet Commercial Requirements
  • Instant Near Laboratory Accurate Results
  • Alcohol Drug Test Results can be Photocopied
  • 9-12 Month Average Shelf Life
  • Alcohol Reactive Only – No False Positives
  • No Contact with Saliva
  • Donor Friendly – Non-Invasive
  • No Special Training Required
  • Simple Procedure – Easy to Use and Administer
  • Results are Easy to Read
  • Includes Detailed Instructions
  • High Quality
  • Proven Reliability
  • Low Unit Cost
  • Portable and Disposable, Non-Biohazard Waste
  • Clean, Hygienic Testing
  • Room Temperature Storage

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