Types of Employment Drug Screening | Types of Employee Drug Screening | Types of Pre-Employment Drug Screening



The most common employee alcohol and drug testing and screening programs are:

Pre-employment Drug Tests: Drug testing all potential new hires discourages drug users from seeking employment in your company and eliminates the hiring of current users. There are three types of pre-employment drug tests: 1. Those part of the application process; 2. Those part of the hiring process; and 3. Those that are a condition of employment.

Random Employee Drug Tests: Random Employee Drug Testing is recommended as a strong deterrent to work place drug use and is a vital part of a Certified Drug-Free Workplace. Random employee drug testing and alcohol screening is usually done on a neutral-selection basis without advance notice.

Periodic Announced Employee Alcohol and Drug Tests: Periodic Announced Employee Drug Tests are usually given as part of an annual medical physical or fitness-for-duty check-up.

Reasonable Suspicion or For Cause Employee Drug Tests and Alcohol Screens:Indications that an employee has violated a company drug policy by direct observation of drug use or physical or behavioral evidence often results in For Cause Drug Testing.

Post-accident Employee Alcohol Tests and Drug Screens: Post Accident Employee Alcohol and Drug Testing may be valuable for legal and insurance purposes, particularly when given directly after an accident to determine if drug or alcohol use was a factor.

Treatment Follow-up Employee Drug Tests and Alcohol Screens: Random or specified Follow-up Employee Drug Testing is sometimes mandated for employees returning to the work place following substance abuse treatment.

Safety Sensitive Employee Alcohol Screens and Drug Tests: These employee drug tests and alcohol screens are performed on those whose work involves safety sensitive activities or machinery.

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