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Illinois IL Alcohol and Drug Testing Information


Our goal is to provide you with the best resources of information regarding Alcohol and Drug Testing within Illinois. Below you will find links to official US government drug and alcohol testing laws and regulations.

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Illinois Official Alcohol and Drug Testing Laws, Regulations and Information:

Laws and Regulations sorted by State:
General Laws and Regulations:
Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA):

Illinois Drug Alcohol Testing Coverage:

Illinois Drug and Alcohol Testing Coverage Information

Illinois, Alcohol and Drug Testing Service Information Cities, Zip Codes and Area Codes:
CityZip CodesArea Codes
Abingdon IL61410309
Adair IL61411309
Addieville IL62214618
Addison IL60101630
Akin IL62805618
Albany IL61230309
Albers IL62215618
Albion IL62806618
Alden IL60001815
Aledo IL61231309
Alexander IL62601217
Alexis IL61412309
Algonquin IL60102847
Alhambra IL62001618
Allendale IL62410618
Allerton IL61810217
Alma IL62807618
Alpha IL61413309
Alsey IL62610217
Alsip IL60803708
Altamont IL62411618
Alto Pass IL62905618
Alton IL62002618
Altona IL61414309
Alvin IL61811217
Amboy IL61310815
Anchor IL61720309
Ancona IL61311815
Andalusia IL61232309
Andover IL61233309
Anna IL62906618
Annapolis IL62413618
Annawan IL61234309
Antioch IL60002847
Apple River IL61001815
Arcola IL61910217
Arenzville IL62611217
Argenta IL62501217
Arlington IL61312815
Arlington Heights IL60004, 60005, 60006224, 847
Armington IL61721309
Armstrong IL61812217
Aroma Park IL60910815
Arrowsmith IL61722309
Arthur IL61911217
Ashkum IL60911815
Ashland IL62612217
Ashley IL62808618
Ashmore IL61912217
Ashton IL61006815
Assumption IL62510217
Astoria IL61501309
Athens IL62613217
Atkinson IL61235309
Atlanta IL61723217
Atwood IL61913217
Auburn IL62615217
Augusta IL62311217
Aurora IL60502, 60503, 60504, 60505, 60506, 60507, 60568, 60572, 60598630
Ava IL62907618
Aviston IL62216618
Avon IL61415309
Baileyville IL61007815
Baldwin IL62217618
Bardolph IL61416309
Barnhill IL62809618
Barrington IL60010, 60011224, 847
Barry IL62312217
Barstow IL61236309
Bartelso IL62218618
Bartlett IL60103630
Basco IL62313217
Batavia IL60510630
Batchtown IL62006618
Bath IL62617309
Baylis IL62314217
Beardstown IL62618217
Beason IL62512217
Beaverville IL60912815
Beckemeyer IL62219618
Bedford Park IL60499708
Beecher IL60401708
Beecher City IL62414618
Belknap IL62908618
Belle Rive IL62810618
Belleville IL62220, 62221, 62222, 62223, 62226618
Bellflower IL61724309
Bellmont IL62811618
Bellwood IL60104708
Belvidere IL61008815
Bement IL61813217
Benld IL62009217
Bensenville IL60105, 60106630, 847
Benson IL61516309
Benton IL62812618
Berkeley IL60163708
Berwick IL61417309
Berwyn IL60402708
Bethalto IL62010618
Bethany IL61914217
Big Rock IL60511630
Biggsville IL61418309
Bingham IL62011217
Bishop Hill IL61419309
Bismarck IL61814217
Blackstone IL61313815
Blandinsville IL61420309
Bloomingdale IL60108, 60117630
Bloomington IL61701, 61702, 61704, 61709, 61710, 61791, 61799309
Blue Island IL60406708
Blue Mound IL62513217
Bluff Springs IL62622217
Bluffs IL62621217
Bluford IL62814618
Boles IL62909618
Bolingbrook IL60440, 60490630
Bondville IL61815217
Bone Gap IL62815618
Bonfield IL60913815
Bonnie IL62816618
Boody IL62514217
Bourbonnais IL60914815
Bowen IL62316217
Braceville IL60407815
Bradford IL61421309
Bradley IL60915815
Braidwood IL60408815
Breese IL62230618
Bridgeport IL62417618
Bridgeview IL60455708
Brighton IL62012618
Brimfield IL61517309
Bristol IL60512630
Broadlands IL61816217
Broadview IL60155708
Brocton IL61917217
Brookfield IL60513708
Brookport IL62910618
Broughton IL62817618
Browning IL62624217
Browns IL62818618
Brownstown IL62418618
Brussels IL62013618
Bryant IL61519309
Buckingham IL60917815
Buckley IL60918217
Buckner IL62819618
Buda IL61314309
Buffalo IL62515217
Buffalo Grove IL60089708
Buffalo Prairie IL61237309
Bulpitt IL62517217
Buncombe IL62912618
Bunker Hill IL62014618
Burbank IL60459708
Bureau IL61315815
Burlington IL60109847
Burnt Prairie IL62820618
Bushnell IL61422309
Butler IL62015217
Byron IL61010815
Cabery IL60919815
Cairo IL62914618
Caledonia IL61011815
Calhoun IL62419618
Calumet City IL60409708
Camargo IL61919217
Cambria IL62915618
Cambridge IL61238309
Camden IL62319217
Cameron IL61423309
Camp Grove IL61424309
Camp Point IL62320217
Campbell Hill IL62916618
Campus IL60920815
Canton IL61520309
Cantrall IL62625217
Capron IL61012815
Carbon Cliff IL61239309
Carbondale IL62901, 62902, 62903618
Carlinville IL62626217
Carlock IL61725309
Carlyle IL62231618
Carman IL61425309
Carmi IL62821618
Carol Stream IL60116, 60122, 60125, 60128, 60132, 60188, 60197, 60199630
Carpentersville IL60110847
Carrier Mills IL62917618
Carrollton IL62016217
Carterville IL62918618
Carthage IL62321217
Cary IL60013847
Casey IL62420217
Caseyville IL62232618
Castleton IL61426309
Catlin IL61817217
Cave In Rock IL62919618
Cedar Point IL61316815
Cedarville IL61013815
Centralia IL62801618
Cerro Gordo IL61818217
Chadwick IL61014815
Chambersburg IL62323217
Champaign IL61820, 61821, 61822, 61824, 61825, 61826217
Chana IL61015815
Chandlerville IL62627217
Channahon IL60410815
Chapin IL62628217
Charleston IL61920217
Chatham IL62629217
Chatsworth IL60921815
Chebanse IL60922815
Chenoa IL61726815
Cherry IL61317815
Cherry Valley IL61016815
Chester IL62233618
Chesterfield IL62630618
Chestnut IL62518217
Chicago IL60290, 60601, 60602, 60603, 60604, 60605, 60606, 60607, 60608, 60609, 60610, 60611, 60612, 60613, 60614, 60615, 60616, 60617, 60618, 60619, 60620, 60621, 60622, 60623, 60624, 60625, 60626, 60628, 60629, 60630, 60631, 60632, 60633, 60634, 60636, 60637, 60638, 60639, 60640, 60641, 60643, 60644, 60645, 60646, 60647, 60649, 60651, 60652, 60653, 60654, 60655, 60656, 60657, 60659, 60660, 60661, 60663, 60664, 60666, 60668, 60669, 60670, 60673, 60674, 60675, 60677, 60678, 60679, 60680, 60681, 60682, 60684, 60685, 60686, 60687, 60688, 60689, 60690, 60691, 60693, 60694, 60695, 60696, 60697, 60699, 60701312, 630, 708, 773, 815
Chicago Heights IL60411, 60412708
Chicago Ridge IL60415708
Chillicothe IL61523309
Chrisman IL61924217
Christopher IL62822618
Cicero IL60804708, 773
Cisco IL61830217
Cisne IL62823618
Cissna Park IL60924815
Clare IL60111815
Claremont IL62421618
Clarendon Hills IL60514630
Clay City IL62824618
Clayton IL62324217
Claytonville IL60926815
Clifton IL60927815
Clinton IL61727217
Coal City IL60416815
Coal Valley IL61240309
Coatsburg IL62325217
Cobden IL62920618
Coello IL62825618
Coffeen IL62017217
Colchester IL62326309
Colfax IL61728309
Collinsville IL62234618
Collison IL61831217
Colona IL61241309
Colp IL62921618
Columbia IL62236618
Colusa IL62329217
Compton IL61318815
Concord IL62631217
Congerville IL61729309
Cooksville IL61730309
Cordova IL61242309
Cornell IL61319815
Cornland IL62519217
Cortland IL60112815
Cottage Hills IL62018618
Coulterville IL62237618
Country Club Hills IL60478708
Cowden IL62422217
Creal Springs IL62922618
Crescent City IL60928815
Crest Hill IL60403708
Creston IL60113815
Crete IL60417708
Creve Coeur IL61610309
Cropsey IL61731309
Crossville IL62827618
Crystal Lake IL60012, 60014, 60039815
Cuba IL61427309
Cullom IL60929815
Cutler IL62238618
Cypress IL62923618
Dahinda IL61428309
Dahlgren IL62828618
Dakota IL61018815
Dale IL62829618
Dallas City IL62330217
Dalton City IL61925217
Dalzell IL61320815
Dana IL61321815
Danforth IL60930815
Danvers IL61732309
Danville IL61832, 61834217
Darien IL60561630
Davis IL61019815
Davis Junction IL61020815
Dawson IL62520217
De Land IL61839217
De Soto IL62924618
Decatur IL62521, 62522, 62523, 62524, 62525, 62526217
Deer Creek IL61733309
Deer Grove IL61243815
Deerfield IL60015224, 847
Dekalb IL60115815
Delavan IL61734309
Dennison IL62423217
Depue IL61322815
Des Plaines IL60016, 60017, 60018, 60019773, 847
Dewey IL61840217
Dewitt IL61735217
Dieterich IL62424217
Divernon IL62530217
Dix IL62830618
Dixon IL61021815
Dolton IL60419708
Dongola IL62926618
Donnellson IL62019217
Donovan IL60931815
Dorsey IL62021618
Dover IL61323815
Dow IL62022618
Dowell IL62927618
Downers Grove IL60515, 60516630
Downs IL61736309
Du Bois IL62831618
Du Quoin IL62832618
Dundas IL62425618
Dundee IL60118224, 847
Dunfermline IL61524309
Dunlap IL61525309
Dupo IL62239618
Durand IL61024815
Dwight IL60420815
Eagarville IL62023217
Earlville IL60518815
East Alton IL62024618
East Carondelet IL62240618
East Dubuque IL61025815
East Galesburg IL61430309
East Lynn IL60932217
East Moline IL61244309
East Peoria IL61611309
East Saint Louis IL62201, 62202, 62203, 62204, 62205, 62206, 62207618
Easton IL62633309
Eddyville IL62928618
Edelstein IL61526309
Edgewood IL62426618
Edinburg IL62531217
Edwards IL61528309
Edwardsville IL62025, 62026618
Effingham IL62401217
El Paso IL61738309
Elburn IL60119630
Eldena IL61324815
Eldorado IL62930618
Eldred IL62027217
Eleroy IL61027815
Elgin IL60120, 60121, 60123, 60124224, 630, 847
Elizabeth IL61028815
Elizabethtown IL62931618
Elk Grove Village IL60007, 60009847
Elkhart IL62634217
Elkville IL62932618
Ellery IL62833618
Elliott IL60933217
Ellis Grove IL62241618
Ellisville IL61431309
Ellsworth IL61737309
Elmhurst IL60126630
Elmwood IL61529309
Elmwood Park IL60707708
Elsah IL62028618
Elvaston IL62334217
Elwin IL62532217
Elwood IL60421815
Emden IL62635217
Emington IL60934815
Emma IL62834618
Energy IL62933618
Enfield IL62835618
Eola IL60519630
Equality IL62934618
Erie IL61250309
Esmond IL60129815
Essex IL60935815
Eureka IL61530309
Evanston IL60201, 60202, 60203, 60204, 60208, 60209224, 847
Evansville IL62242618
Evergreen Park IL60805708
Ewing IL62836618
Fairbury IL61739815
Fairfield IL62837618
Fairmount IL61841217
Fairview IL61432309
Fairview Heights IL62208618
Farina IL62838618
Farmer City IL61842309
Farmersville IL62533217
Farmington IL61531309
Fenton IL61251309
Ferris IL62336217
Fiatt IL61433309
Fidelity IL62030618
Fieldon IL62031618
Fillmore IL62032217
Findlay IL62534217
Fisher IL61843217
Fithian IL61844217
Flanagan IL61740815
Flat Rock IL62427618
Flora IL62839618
Flossmoor IL60422708
Foosland IL61845217
Forest City IL61532309
Forest Park IL60130708
Forrest IL61741815
Forreston IL61030815
Forsyth IL62535217
Fort Sheridan IL60037847
Fowler IL62338217
Fox Lake IL60020847
Fox River Grove IL60021847
Fox Valley IL60597, 60599630
Frankfort IL60423815
Frankfort Heights IL62840618
Franklin IL62638217
Franklin Grove IL61031815
Franklin Park IL60131847
Frederick IL62639217
Freeburg IL62243618
Freeman Spur IL62841618
Freeport IL61032815
Fulton IL61252815
Fults IL62244618
Galatia IL62935618
Galena IL61036815
Galesburg IL61401, 61402309
Galt IL61037815
Galva IL61434309
Garden Prairie IL61038815
Gardner IL60424815
Gays IL61928217
Geff IL62842618
Geneseo IL61254309
Geneva IL60134630
Genoa IL60135815
Georgetown IL61846217
Gerlaw IL61435309
German Valley IL61039815
Germantown IL62245618
Gibson City IL60936217
Gifford IL61847217
Gilberts IL60136847
Gillespie IL62033217
Gilman IL60938815
Gilson IL61436309
Girard IL62640217
Gladstone IL61437309
Glasford IL61533309
Glen Carbon IL62034618
Glen Ellyn IL60137, 60138630
Glenarm IL62536217
Glencoe IL60022847
Glendale Heights IL60139630
Glenview IL60025, 60026847
Glenwood IL60425708
Godfrey IL62035618
Golconda IL62938618
Golden IL62339217
Golden Eagle IL62036618
Golden Gate IL62843618
Golf IL60029847
Good Hope IL61438309
Goodfield IL61742309
Goodwine IL60939815
Goreville IL62939618
Gorham IL62940618
Grafton IL62037618
Grand Chain IL62941618
Grand Ridge IL61325815
Grand Tower IL62942618
Granite City IL62040618
Grant Park IL60940815
Grantsburg IL62943618
Granville IL61326815
Graymont IL61743815
Grayslake IL60030847
Grayville IL62844618
Great Lakes IL60088847
Green Valley IL61534309
Greenfield IL62044217
Greenup IL62428217
Greenview IL62642217
Greenville IL62246618
Gridley IL61744309
Griggsville IL62340217
Groveland IL61535309
Gurnee IL60031847
Hagarstown IL62247618
Hamburg IL62045618
Hamel IL62046618
Hamilton IL62341217
Hammond IL61929217
Hampshire IL60140847
Hampton IL61256309
Hanna City IL61536309
Hanover IL61041815
Hanover Park IL60133630
Hardin IL62047618
Harmon IL61042815
Harrisburg IL62946618
Harristown IL62537217
Hartford IL62048618
Hartsburg IL62643217
Harvard IL60033815
Harvel IL62538217
Harvey IL60426708
Harwood Heights IL60706773
Havana IL62644309
Hazel Crest IL60429708
Hebron IL60034815
Hecker IL62248618
Henderson IL61439309
Hennepin IL61327815
Henning IL61848217
Henry IL61537309
Herod IL62947618
Herrick IL62431618
Herrin IL62948618
Herscher IL60941815
Hettick IL62649618
Heyworth IL61745309
Hickory Hills IL60457708
Hidalgo IL62432618
Highland IL62249618
Highland Park IL60035847
Highwood IL60040847
Hillsboro IL62049217
Hillsdale IL61257309
Hillside IL60162708
Hillview IL62050217
Hinckley IL60520815
Hindsboro IL61930217
Hines IL60141708
Hinsdale IL60521, 60522, 60570312, 630
Hoffman IL62250618
Hoffman Estates IL60169, 60179, 60192847
Holcomb IL61043815
Homer IL61849217
Homer Glen IL60491815
Hometown IL60456708
Homewood IL60430708
Hoopeston IL60942217
Hooppole IL61258815
Hopedale IL61747309
Hopkins Park IL60944815
Hoyleton IL62803618
Hudson IL61748309
Huey IL62252618
Hull IL62343217
Humboldt IL61931217
Hume IL61932217
Huntley IL60142224, 847
Huntsville IL62344217
Hurst IL62949618
Hutsonville IL62433618
Illinois City IL61259309
Illiopolis IL62539217
Ina IL62846618
Indianola IL61850217
Industry IL61440309
Ingleside IL60041847
Ingraham IL62434618
Ipava IL61441309
Iroquois IL60945815
Irving IL62051217
Irvington IL62848618
Island Lake IL60042847
Itasca IL60143630
Iuka IL62849618
Ivesdale IL61851217
Jacksonville IL62650, 62651217
Jacob IL62950618
Janesville IL62435217
Jerseyville IL62052618
Jewett IL62436217
Johnsonville IL62850618
Johnston City IL62951618
Joliet IL60431, 60432, 60433, 60434, 60435, 60436815
Jonesboro IL62952618
Joppa IL62953618
Joy IL61260309
Junction IL62954618
Justice IL60458708
Kampsville IL62053618
Kane IL62054217
Kaneville IL60144630
Kankakee IL60901815
Kansas IL61933217
Karbers Ridge IL62955618
Karnak IL62956618
Kasbeer IL61328815
Keenes IL62851618
Keensburg IL62852618
Keithsburg IL61442309
Kell IL62853618
Kempton IL60946815
Kenilworth IL60043847
Kenney IL61749217
Kent IL61044815
Kewanee IL61443309
Keyesport IL62253618
Kilbourne IL62655309
Kincaid IL62540217
Kinderhook IL62345217
Kingston IL60145815
Kingston Mines IL61539309
Kinmundy IL62854618
Kinsman IL60437815
Kirkland IL60146815
Kirkwood IL61447309
Knoxville IL61448309
La Fayette IL61449309
La Grange IL60525630, 708
La Grange Park IL60526708
La Harpe IL61450217
La Moille IL61330815
La Place IL61936217
La Prairie IL62346217
La Rose IL61541309
La Salle IL61301815
Lacon IL61540309
Ladd IL61329815
Lafox IL60147630
Lake Bluff IL60044847
Lake Forest IL60045847
Lake Fork IL62541217
Lake In The Hills IL60156847
Lake Villa IL60046224, 847
Lake Zurich IL60047224, 847
Lakewood IL62438217
Lanark IL61046815
Lancaster IL62855618
Lane IL61750217
Lansing IL60438708
Latham IL62543217
Laura IL61451309
Lawndale IL61751217
Lawrenceville IL62439618
Le Roy IL61752309
Leaf River IL61047815
Lebanon IL62254618
Lee IL60530815
Lee Center IL61331815
Leland IL60531815
Lemont IL60439630
Lena IL61048815
Lenzburg IL62255618
Leonore IL61332815
Lerna IL62440217
Lewistown IL61542309
Lexington IL61753309
Liberty IL62347217
Libertyville IL60048, 60092847
Lima IL62348217
Lincoln IL62656217
Lincolns New Salem IL62659217
Lincolnshire IL60069847
Lincolnwood IL60712773
Lindenwood IL61049815
Lisle IL60532630
Litchfield IL62056217
Literberry IL62660217
Little York IL61453309
Littleton IL61452309
Liverpool IL61543309
Livingston IL62058618
Loami IL62661217
Lockport IL60441815
Loda IL60948217
Logan IL62856618
Lomax IL61454217
Lombard IL60148630
London Mills IL61544309
Long Grove IL60049847
Long Point IL61333815
Longview IL61852217
Loogootee IL62857618
Loraine IL62349217
Lostant IL61334815
Louisville IL62858618
Lovejoy IL62059618
Loves Park IL61111, 61130, 61131, 61132815
Lovington IL61937217
Lowder IL62662217
Lowpoint IL61545309
Ludlow IL60949217
Lyndon IL61261815
Lynn Center IL61262309
Lyons IL60534708
Macedonia IL62860618
Machesney Park IL61115815
Mackinaw IL61755309
Macomb IL61455309
Macon IL62544217
Madison IL62060618
Maeystown IL62256618
Magnolia IL61336815
Mahomet IL61853217
Makanda IL62958618
Malden IL61337815
Malta IL60150815
Manchester IL62663217
Manhattan IL60442815
Manito IL61546309
Manlius IL61338815
Mansfield IL61854217
Manteno IL60950815
Maple Park IL60151815
Mapleton IL61547309
Maquon IL61458309
Marengo IL60152815
Marietta IL61459309
Marine IL62061618
Marion IL62959618
Marissa IL62257618
Mark IL61340815
Markham IL60428708
Maroa IL61756217
Marseilles IL61341815
Marshall IL62441217
Martinsville IL62442217
Martinton IL60951815
Maryville IL62062618
Mascoutah IL62224, 62258618
Mason IL62443618
Mason City IL62664217
Matherville IL61263309
Matteson IL60443708
Mattoon IL61938217
Maunie IL62861618
Maywood IL60153708
Mazon IL60444815
Mc Clure IL62957618
Mc Connell IL61050815
Mc Lean IL61754309
Mc Leansboro IL62859618
Mc Nabb IL61335815
Mchenry IL60050, 60051815
Mechanicsburg IL62545217
Media IL61460309
Medinah IL60157630
Medora IL62063618
Melrose Park IL60160, 60161, 60164708
Melvin IL60952217
Menard IL62259618
Mendon IL62351217
Mendota IL61342815
Meredosia IL62665217
Merna IL61758309
Metamora IL61548309
Metcalf IL61940217
Metropolis IL62960618
Michael IL62065618
Middletown IL62666217
Midlothian IL60445708
Milan IL61264309
Milford IL60953815
Mill Shoals IL62862618
Millbrook IL60536630
Millcreek IL62961618
Milledgeville IL61051815
Miller City IL62962618
Millington IL60537815
Millstadt IL62260618
Milmine IL61855217
Milton IL62352217
Mineral IL61344309
Minier IL61759309
Minonk IL61760309
Minooka IL60447815
Mode IL62444217
Modesto IL62667217
Modoc IL62261618
Mokena IL60448708
Moline IL61265, 61266309
Momence IL60954815
Monee IL60449708
Monmouth IL61462309
Monroe Center IL61052815
Montgomery IL60538630
Monticello IL61856217
Montrose IL62445217
Mooseheart IL60539630
Moro IL62067618
Morris IL60450815
Morrison IL61270815
Morrisonville IL62546217
Morton IL61550309
Morton Grove IL60053847
Mossville IL61552309
Mound City IL62963618
Mounds IL62964618
Mount Auburn IL62547217
Mount Carmel IL62863618
Mount Carroll IL61053815
Mount Erie IL62446618
Mount Morris IL61054815
Mount Olive IL62069217
Mount Prospect IL60056847
Mount Pulaski IL62548217
Mount Sterling IL62353217
Mount Vernon IL62864618
Moweaqua IL62550217
Mozier IL62070618
Mt Zion IL62549217
Muddy IL62965618
Mulberry Grove IL62262618
Mulkeytown IL62865618
Muncie IL61857217
Mundelein IL60060847
Murdock IL61941217
Murphysboro IL62966618
Murrayville IL62668217
Nachusa IL61057815
Naperville IL60540, 60563, 60564, 60565, 60566, 60567630
Nashville IL62263618
Nason IL62866618
National Stock Yards IL62071618
Nauvoo IL62354217
Nebo IL62355217
Neoga IL62447217
Neponset IL61345309
New Athens IL62264618
New Baden IL62265618
New Bedford IL61346815
New Berlin IL62670217
New Boston IL61272309
New Burnside IL62967618
New Canton IL62356217
New Douglas IL62074217
New Haven IL62867618
New Holland IL62671217
New Lenox IL60451815
New Memphis IL62266618
New Salem IL62357217
New Windsor IL61465309
Newark IL60541815
Newman IL61942217
Newton IL62448618
Niantic IL62551217
Niles IL60714847
Nilwood IL62672217
Niota IL62358217
Noble IL62868618
Nokomis IL62075217
Nora IL61059815
Normal IL61761, 61790309
Norris IL61553309
Norris City IL62869618
North Aurora IL60542630
North Chicago IL60064, 60086847
North Henderson IL61466309
Northbrook IL60062, 60065312, 630, 708, 847
O Fallon IL62269618
Oak Brook IL60523630
Oak Forest IL60452708
Oak Lawn IL60453, 60454708
Oak Park IL60301, 60302, 60303, 60304708
Oakdale IL62268618
Oakford IL62673217
Oakland IL61943217
Oakwood IL61858217
Oblong IL62449618
Oconee IL62553217
Odell IL60460815
Odin IL62870618
Ogden IL61859217
Oglesby IL61348815
Ohio IL61349815
Ohlman IL62076217
Okawville IL62271618
Olive Branch IL62969618
Olmsted IL62970618
Olney IL62450618
Olympia Fields IL60461708
Omaha IL62871618
Onarga IL60955815
Oneida IL61467309
Opdyke IL62872618
Ophiem IL61468309
Oquawka IL61469309
Orangeville IL61060815
Oraville IL62971618
Oreana IL62554217
Oregon IL61061815
Orient IL62874618
Orion IL61273309
Orland Park IL60462, 60467708
Osco IL61274309
Oswego IL60543630
Ottawa IL61350815
Owaneco IL62555217
Ozark IL62972618
Palatine IL60038, 60055, 60067, 60074, 60078, 60094, 60095224, 847
Palestine IL62451618
Palmer IL62556217
Palmyra IL62674217
Paloma IL62359217
Palos Heights IL60463708
Palos Hills IL60465708
Palos Park IL60464708
Pana IL62557217
Panama IL62077217
Papineau IL60956815
Paris IL61944217
Park Forest IL60466708
Park Ridge IL60068847
Parkersburg IL62452618
Patoka IL62875618
Patterson IL62078217
Paw Paw IL61353815
Pawnee IL62558217
Paxton IL60957217
Payson IL62360217
Pearl IL62361217
Pearl City IL61062815
Pecatonica IL61063815
Pekin IL61554, 61555, 61558309
Penfield IL61862217
Peoria IL61601, 61602, 61603, 61604, 61605, 61606, 61607, 61612, 61613, 61614, 61615, 61625, 61629, 61630, 61633, 61634, 61635, 61636, 61637, 61638, 61639, 61641, 61643, 61650, 61651, 61652, 61653, 61654, 61655, 61656309
Peoria Heights IL61616309
Peotone IL60468708
Percy IL62272618
Perks IL62973618
Perry IL62362217
Peru IL61354815
Pesotum IL61863217
Petersburg IL62675217
Philo IL61864217
Piasa IL62079618
Pierron IL62273618
Pinckneyville IL62274618
Piper City IL60959815
Pittsburg IL62974618
Pittsfield IL62363217
Plainfield IL60544, 60585, 60586815
Plainville IL62365217
Plano IL60545630
Plato Center IL60170847
Pleasant Hill IL62366217
Pleasant Plains IL62677217
Plymouth IL62367309
Pocahontas IL62275618
Polo IL61064815
Pomona IL62975618
Pontiac IL61764815
Poplar Grove IL61065815
Port Byron IL61275309
Posen IL60469708
Potomac IL61865217
Prairie City IL61470309
Prairie Du Rocher IL62277618
Preemption IL61276309
Princeton IL61356815
Princeville IL61559309
Prophetstown IL61277815
Prospect Heights IL60070847
Pulaski IL62976618
Putnam IL61560815
Quincy IL62301, 62305, 62306217
Radom IL62876618
Raleigh IL62977618
Ramsey IL62080618
Rankin IL60960217
Ransom IL60470815
Rantoul IL61866217
Rapids City IL61278309
Raritan IL61471309
Raymond IL62560217
Red Bud IL62278618
Reddick IL60961815
Redmon IL61949217
Renault IL62279618
Reynolds IL61279309
Richmond IL60071815
Richton Park IL60471708
Richview IL62877618
Ridge Farm IL61870217
Ridgway IL62979618
Ridott IL61067815
Rinard IL62878618
Ringwood IL60072815
Rio IL61472309
River Forest IL60305708
River Grove IL60171708
Riverdale IL60827708
Riverside IL60546708
Riverton IL62561217
Roanoke IL61561309
Robbins IL60472708
Roberts IL60962217
Robinson IL62454618
Rochelle IL61068815
Rochester IL62563217
Rock City IL61070815
Rock Falls IL61071815
Rock Island IL61201, 61204, 61299309
Rockbridge IL62081618
Rockford IL61101, 61102, 61103, 61104, 61105, 61106, 61107, 61108, 61109, 61110, 61112, 61114, 61125, 61126815
Rockport IL62370217
Rockton IL61072815
Rockwood IL62280618
Rolling Meadows IL60008847
Rome IL61562309
Romeoville IL60446815
Roodhouse IL62082217
Rosamond IL62083217
Roscoe IL61073815
Roselle IL60172630
Roseville IL61473309
Rosiclare IL62982618
Rossville IL60963217
Round Lake IL60073224, 847
Roxana IL62084618
Royal IL61871217
Royalton IL62983618
Rushville IL62681217
Russell IL60075847
Rutland IL61358815
Sadorus IL61872217
Sailor Springs IL62879618
Saint Anne IL60964815
Saint Augustine IL61474309
Saint Charles IL60174, 60175630
Saint David IL61563309
Saint Elmo IL62458618
Saint Francisville IL62460618
Saint Jacob IL62281618
Saint Joseph IL61873217
Saint Libory IL62282618
Saint Peter IL62880618
Sainte Marie IL62459618
Salem IL62881618
San Jose IL62682309
Sandoval IL62882618
Sandwich IL60548815
Saunemin IL61769815
Savanna IL61074815
Savoy IL61874217
Sawyerville IL62085217
Saybrook IL61770309
Scales Mound IL61075815
Schaumburg IL60159, 60168, 60173, 60193, 60194, 60195, 60196708, 847
Scheller IL62883618
Schiller Park IL60176847
Sciota IL61475309
Scott Air Force Base IL62225618
Scottville IL62683217
Seaton IL61476309
Seatonville IL61359815
Secor IL61771309
Seneca IL61360815
Serena IL60549815
Sesser IL62884618
Seward IL61077815
Seymour IL61875217
Shabbona IL60550815
Shannon IL61078815
Shawneetown IL62984618
Sheffield IL61361815
Shelbyville IL62565217
Sheldon IL60966815
Sheridan IL60551815
Sherman IL62684217
Sherrard IL61281309
Shipman IL62685618
Shirland IL61079815
Shirley IL61772309
Shobonier IL62885618
Shorewood IL60404815
Shumway IL62461217
Sibley IL61773217
Sidell IL61876217
Sidney IL61877217
Sigel IL62462217
Silvis IL61282309
Simpson IL62985618
Sims IL62886618
Skokie IL60076, 60077847
Smithboro IL62284618
Smithfield IL61477309
Smithshire IL61478309
Smithton IL62285618
Somonauk IL60552815
Sorento IL62086217
South Beloit IL61080815
South Elgin IL60177847
South Holland IL60473708
South Pekin IL61564309
South Roxana IL62087618
South Wilmington IL60474815
Sparland IL61565309
Sparta IL62286618
Speer IL61479309
Spring Grove IL60081815
Spring Valley IL61362815
Springerton IL62887618
Springfield IL62701, 62702, 62703, 62704, 62705, 62706, 62707, 62708, 62711, 62712, 62713, 62715, 62716, 62719, 62721, 62722, 62723, 62726, 62736, 62739, 62746, 62756, 62757, 62761, 62762, 62763, 62764, 62765, 62766, 62767, 62769, 62776, 62777, 62781, 62786, 62791, 62794, 62796217
Standard IL61363815
Stanford IL61774309
Staunton IL62088618
Steeleville IL62288618
Steger IL60475708
Sterling IL61081815
Steward IL60553815
Stewardson IL62463217
Stillman Valley IL61084815
Stockland IL60967815
Stockton IL61085815
Stone Park IL60165708
Stonefort IL62987618
Stonington IL62567217
Stoy IL62464618
Strasburg IL62465217
Strawn IL61775815
Streamwood IL60107630
Streator IL61364815
Stronghurst IL61480309
Sublette IL61367815
Sugar Grove IL60554630
Sullivan IL61951217
Summerfield IL62289618
Summit Argo IL60501708
Sumner IL62466618
Sutter IL62373217
Sycamore IL60178815
Table Grove IL61482309
Tallula IL62688217
Tamaroa IL62888618
Tamms IL62988618
Tampico IL61283815
Taylor Ridge IL61284309
Taylor Springs IL62089217
Taylorville IL62568217
Techny IL60082847
Tennessee IL62374217
Teutopolis IL62467217
Texico IL62889618
Thawville IL60968217
Thayer IL62689217
Thebes IL62990618
Thomasboro IL61878217
Thompsonville IL62890618
Thomson IL61285815
Thornton IL60476708
Tilden IL62292618
Tilton IL61833217
Timewell IL62375217
Tinley Park IL60477, 60487708
Tiskilwa IL61368815
Toledo IL62468217
Tolono IL61880217
Toluca IL61369309, 815
Tonica IL61370815
Topeka IL61567309
Toulon IL61483309
Tovey IL62570217
Towanda IL61776309
Tower Hill IL62571217
Tremont IL61568309
Trenton IL62293618
Trilla IL62469217
Triumph IL61371815
Trivoli IL61569309
Troy IL62294618
Troy Grove IL61372815
Tuscola IL61953217
Ullin IL62992618
Union IL60180815
Union Hill IL60969815
Unity IL62993618
Urbana IL61801, 61802, 61803217
Ursa IL62376217
Utica IL61373815
Valier IL62891618
Valmeyer IL62295618
Van Orin IL61374815
Vandalia IL62471618
Varna IL61375309
Venice IL62090618
Vergennes IL62994618
Vermilion IL61955217
Vermont IL61484309
Vernon IL62892618
Vernon Hills IL60061847
Verona IL60479815
Versailles IL62378217
Victoria IL61485309
Vienna IL62995618
Villa Grove IL61956217
Villa Park IL60181630
Villa Ridge IL62996618
Viola IL61486309
Virden IL62690217
Virginia IL62691217
Wadsworth IL60083847
Waggoner IL62572217
Walnut IL61376815
Walnut Hill IL62893618
Walsh IL62297618
Walshville IL62091217
Waltonville IL62894618
Wapella IL61777217
Warren IL61087815
Warrensburg IL62573217
Warrenville IL60555630
Warsaw IL62379217
Wasco IL60183630
Washburn IL61570309
Washington IL61571309
Wataga IL61488309
Waterloo IL62298618
Waterman IL60556815
Watseka IL60970815
Watson IL62473217
Wauconda IL60084847
Waukegan IL60079, 60085, 60087224, 847
Waverly IL62692217
Wayne IL60184630
Wayne City IL62895618
Waynesville IL61778217
Wedron IL60557815
Weldon IL61882217
Wellington IL60973815
Wenona IL61377815
West Brooklyn IL61378815
West Chicago IL60185, 60186630
West Frankfort IL62896618
West Liberty IL62475618
West Point IL62380217
West Salem IL62476618
West Union IL62477217
West York IL62478217
Westchester IL60154708
Western Springs IL60558708
Westfield IL62474217
Westmont IL60559630
Westville IL61883217
Wheaton IL60187, 60189630
Wheeler IL62479217
Wheeling IL60090224, 312, 630, 847
White Hall IL62092217
White Heath IL61884217
Whittington IL62897618
Williamsfield IL61489309
Williamsville IL62693217
Willisville IL62997618
Willow Hill IL62480618
Willow Springs IL60480708
Willowbrook IL60527630
Wilmette IL60091847
Wilmington IL60481815
Wilsonville IL62093217
Winchester IL62694217
Windsor IL61957217
Winfield IL60190630
Winnebago IL61088815
Winnetka IL60093847
Winslow IL61089815
Winthrop Harbor IL60096847
Witt IL62094217
Wolf Lake IL62998618
Wonder Lake IL60097815
Wood Dale IL60191, 60399630
Wood River IL62095618
Woodhull IL61490309
Woodland IL60974815
Woodlawn IL62898618
Woodridge IL60517630
Woodson IL62695217
Woodstock IL60098815
Woosung IL61091815
Worden IL62097618
Worth IL60482708
Wrights IL62098618
Wyanet IL61379815
Wyoming IL61491309
Xenia IL62899618
Yale IL62481618
Yates City IL61572309
Yorkville IL60560630, 815
Zeigler IL62999618
Zion IL60099847