DOT Approved Drug Screening and Testing

DOT Approved and DOT Regulated Drug Screening


DOT Regulated: A DOT regulated employee drug testing program is more complex than other forms of employee drug testing. We strongly suggest that anyone new to DOT regulated testing undergo a free drug testing program review to ensure all facets of your program are covered. The DOT permits drug tests to be performed onsite or offsite by an in-house collector or by a TPA or offsite at a laboratory where the drug test can be administered by a TPA (Third Party Administrator). A Federal Drug Testing Custody and Control Form must be used as the Chain of Custody (CoC) form during the employee drug test collection process.  A split sample is collected and both employee drug test specimens are forwarded to a SAMHSA certified laboratory for confirmation testing. Once the laboratory completes the testing process the employee drug test result is forwarded to the Medical Review Officer (MRO) for review. The Medical Review Officer then will review the results and contact the relevant parties.

Please note that if you are a Non-DOT-regulated organization, forgoing the MRO service will save a lot of time and money. DOT-regulated employers are required to use MRO services. If you are a DOT-regulated organization, consider undergoing an Employee Drug Testing Review to find out the many ways you can save money and be in compliance.

DOT Approved: According to the Department of Transportation they do NOT “approve” any drug or alcohol testing kits. So the term “DOT Approved” is a misnomer. The DOT “regulates” the drug or alcohol tests that are determined by NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) to conform to specified standards.