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Indicators of Employee Drug and Alcohol Abuse


Being aware of the signs and symptoms of employee drug and alcohol abuse helps employers create a Certified Drug-Free Workplace. Keep in mind that sudden symptoms may have similarities to emotional or physical difficulties or illnesses, but that in combination they may be indicators of a potential drug problem.

The presence of any of the following paraphernalia indicate a possible drug problem: capsules, vials, glass pipes, smoking pipes, a cigarette lighter carried by a non-smoker, short straws, mirrors or flat metal, folded paper envelopes.

The following physical symptoms are sometimes but not always indicative of drug use: constant fatigue, slurred speech, faster speech, constant scratching, bloodshot eyes, dilated pupils, poor coordination, and hyper-excitability.

Sudden changes in behavior are sometimes an indicator of drug use: apathetic attitude, secretive behavior, sudden financial problems and borrowing of money, frequent hangover symptoms, explosive arguments, sudden deterioration of relationships, erratic behavior.

Performance issues may also be indicators of substance abuse: excessive tardiness or absenteeism, missed deadlines, poor morale, multiple reports of theft, deteriorating work quality.

In addition to having a well-defined employee alcohol and drug testing policy, management training and knowing your employees are the two best ways to create and maintain aCertified Drug-Free Workplace. Employee Drug Testing Ace can provide resources for all these areas as well delivering the best certified laboratories and employee drug test kits to support your program.