Drug Test Kits

Drug Test Kits


Employee Drug Testing Ace offers a wide variety of workplace Drug Test Kits.

There are a wide variety of drug test kits on the market today. Individually packaged drug test kits are created for the home user, where the boxed versions (10, 24, 25, 40 units) are for employers who must comply with the FDA 510k Cleared guidelines.

Employee Drug Testing Ace has great relationships with drug testing kit manufacturers that allows us to offer you top quality and accurate Drug Test Kits at the best prices. We ship directly our drug test kits directly from the manufacturer to ensure that every drug test kit was stored at the proper temperature and humidity levels and was shipped in appropriate packing materials and has the full manufactures shelf life of 12 to 18 months. We sell a full list of the industry’s best named and highest quality brand products at discounted prices! Below is a list of our brand name drug test kits:

Generic Drug Test Kits are also available.

Drug Test Kits can be used for Pre-employment Screening, Random Employee Drug Testing,Periodic Announced Tests, Safety Sensitive Employee Drug Testing, Cause and Reasonable Suspicion Employment Drug Testing, Post Accident Employee Drug Testing and Follow Up Employee Drug Testing among others.