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The use of illegal drugs can be detected through different bodily specimens.

Urine: Drug residues remain in the body for some time. Urine Drug Testing measures the past presence or absence of residues or metabolites. Urine drug tests are generally not accurate for alcohol detection due to the short amount of time alcohol remains in the system.

Breath: Breath-alcohol tests determine Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) or how much alcohol is in the bloodstream. Alcohol Drug Testing is correlated with levels of impairment.

Blood: Blood Drug Testing samples measure drugs present in a person at the time of the sample. There is a short detection period; however blood samples are better indicators of recent consumption than urine samples.

Hair: Hair Drug Testing or follicle analysis gives a complete drug-use history for the past 90 days. Note that drugs are not detectable in hair for up to seven days.

Saliva: Oral fluids can also provide accurate drug use detection. Saliva Drug Testing is particularly useful for detecting marijuana, cocaine and amphetamines or methamphetamines.

Sweat: Sweat Drug Testing utilizes a skin patch, much like a large adhesive bandage, to measure drug usage.

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