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Hangover Prevention: Alcohol Testing In The Workplace


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Hangover Prevention: Alcohol Testing In The Workplace

A throbbing headache, foggy thinking, lack of motivation … most of us would agree that having a hangover definitely affects work performance. Alcohol testing statistics confirm that more than 40% of workplace injuries and fatalities are alcohol related. In fact, more than half of workplace substance abuse complaints are due to alcohol abuse.

The bottom line says all. Companies utilizing alcohol testing report less alcohol dependence by employees. Alcohol testing programs result in significant reductions in negative behaviors such as theft and absenteeism and fewer medical claims and litigation. It makes sense that alcohol testing is becoming an essential part of employment policies and procedures.

Here’s an overview of the five basic alcohol testing methods:

  • The most common, least intrusive and most easy-to-administer alcohol testing method is breath testing or the alcohol breathalyzer test. We offer a range of instant breath and breathalyzer alcohol testing kits.
  • Providing minimal risk of tampering and ease of use, saliva alcohol testing is popular for both routine and random alcohol testing. It is relatively un-intrusive, though requires lab processing for accuracy. All alcohol testing kits, including saliva alcohol testing products are fully guaranteed.
  • The most precise though most intrusive alcohol testing is blood alcohol testing, measuring blood alcohol concentration (BAC) at the time of the alcohol test.
  • Less expensive, accurate, but still relatively intrusive, is urine alcohol testing, which measures alcohol use within 24 hours or with advanced alcohol testing, up to 80 hours.
  • Lastly, alcohol testing using hair is the most expensive alcohol testing method, but can measure alcohol use for months prior to consumption.

Alcohol testing can’t cure a hangover, but it is proven to deter alcohol abuse in the workplace. For information on alcohol testing kits, visit and Create a Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace. We’re here to provide education, the best products and alcohol testing services on the web.