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    Minnesota: Drug Alcohol Testing and Employment Screening Information:

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    • Background Checks;
    • Social Security Validation;
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    • Patriot Act Search (Terrorism Watch List);
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    • 24/7/365 Minnesota Call Center for All Drug Alcohol Testing Services (after sign up): Call toll free and talk with a trained representative fast day or night about your drug alcohol testing and screening needs anytime.
    • 24/7/365 Mobile/Onsite/TPA Alcohol and Drug Testing Services (after sign up): We can come to you or send your employees to locations of your choice. We can help with Pre Employment, Reasonable Suspicion, Post Accident, and Random alcohol and drug testing any time, day or night in Minnesota. Learn More
    • 24/7/365 Post Accident Drug and Alcohol Screening Services available in MN: Toll-free post accident hotline 24/7, One Standard Fee + mileage /no hidden fees, no matter how remote the drug alcohol test location.
    • Complete Minnesota Drug Alcohol Testing Coverage: Full Pre Employment and Employment Drug and Alcohol Testing Including: RandomReasonable SuspicionPost Accident / Post Crash drug and alcohol testing. We also cover government – courts – prisons – DOT, non DOT, athletes, schools plus select International locations, US Territories, and Military Bases. USA alcohol drug testing services coverage info here.
    • Alcohol Testing: We also offer advanced alcohol urine testing including an EtG alcohol test that allows a longer detection period.
    • Minnesota DOT Organizations: If you are DOT regulated, we have you covered with drug and alcohol testing programs designed just for you! We can administer and manage your DOT alcohol and drug testing / screening program for you or just assist. Learn more

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    Our Alcohol Drug Screening Facilities in Minnesota cover these areas:

    Our Alcohol Drug Screening Facilities in Minnesota.
    CityZip CodesArea Codes
    Ada MN56510218
    Adams MN55909507
    Adolph MN55701218
    Adrian MN56110507
    Afton MN55001651
    Ah Gwah Ching MN56430218
    Aitkin MN56431218
    Akeley MN56433218
    Albany MN56307320
    Albert Lea MN56007507
    Alberta MN56207320
    Albertville MN55301763
    Alborn MN55702218
    Alden MN56009507
    Aldrich MN56434218
    Alexandria MN56308320
    Almelund MN55002612
    Alpha MN56111507
    Altura MN55910507
    Alvarado MN56710218
    Amboy MN56010507
    Andover MN55304763
    Angle Inlet MN56711218
    Angora MN55703218
    Annandale MN55302320
    Anoka MN55303763
    Appleton MN56208320
    Arco MN56113507
    Argyle MN56713218
    Arlington MN55307507
    Ashby MN56309218
    Askov MN55704320
    Atwater MN56209320
    Audubon MN56511218
    Aurora MN55705218
    Austin MN55912507
    Avoca MN56114507
    Avon MN56310320
    Babbitt MN55706218
    Backus MN56435218
    Badger MN56714218
    Bagley MN56621218
    Balaton MN56115507
    Barnesville MN56514218
    Barnum MN55707218
    Barrett MN56311320
    Barry MN56210612
    Battle Lake MN56515218
    Baudette MN56623218
    Baxter MN56425218
    Bayport MN55003651
    Beardsley MN56211320
    Beaver Bay MN55601218
    Beaver Creek MN56116507
    Becker MN55308763
    Bejou MN56516218
    Belgrade MN56312320
    Belle Plaine MN56011952
    Bellingham MN56212320
    Beltrami MN56517218
    Belview MN56214507
    Bemidji MN56601, 56619218
    Bena MN56626218
    Benedict MN56436218
    Benson MN56215320
    Bertha MN56437218
    Bethel MN55005763
    Big Falls MN56627218
    Big Lake MN55309763
    Bigelow MN56117507
    Bigfork MN56628218
    Bingham Lake MN56118507
    Birchdale MN56629218
    Bird Island MN55310320
    Biwabik MN55708218
    Blackduck MN56630218
    Blomkest MN56216320
    Blooming Prairie MN55917507
    Blue Earth MN56013507
    Bluffton MN56518218
    Bock MN56313320
    Borup MN56519218
    Bovey MN55709218
    Bowlus MN56314320
    Bowstring MN56631218
    Boyd MN56218320
    Braham MN55006320
    Brainerd MN56401218
    Brandon MN56315218, 320
    Breckenridge MN56520218
    Brewster MN56119507
    Bricelyn MN56014507
    Brimson MN55602218
    Britt MN55710218
    Brook Park MN55007320
    Brooks MN56715218
    Brookston MN55711218
    Brooten MN56316320
    Browerville MN56438320
    Browns Valley MN56219320
    Brownsdale MN55918507
    Brownsville MN55919507
    Brownton MN55312320
    Bruno MN55712320
    Buckman MN56317320
    Buffalo MN55313763
    Buffalo Lake MN55314320
    Buhl MN55713218
    Burnsville MN55306, 55337952
    Burtrum MN56318320
    Butterfield MN56120507
    Byron MN55920507
    Caledonia MN55921507
    Callaway MN56521218
    Calumet MN55716218
    Cambridge MN55008612, 763
    Campbell MN56522218
    Canby MN56220507
    Cannon Falls MN55009507, 651
    Canton MN55922507
    Canyon MN55717218
    Carlos MN56319320
    Carlton MN55718218
    Carver MN55315952
    Cass Lake MN56633218
    Castle Rock MN55010651
    Cedar MN55011763
    Center City MN55012651
    Ceylon MN56121507
    Champlin MN55316763
    Chandler MN56122507
    Chanhassen MN55317952
    Chaska MN55318952
    Chatfield MN55923507
    Chisago City MN55013651
    Chisholm MN55719218
    Chokio MN56221320
    Circle Pines MN55014763
    Clara City MN56222320
    Claremont MN55924507
    Clarissa MN56440218
    Clarkfield MN56223320
    Clarks Grove MN56016507
    Clear Lake MN55319320
    Clearbrook MN56634218
    Clearwater MN55320320
    Clements MN56224507
    Cleveland MN56017507
    Climax MN56523218
    Clinton MN56225320
    Clitherall MN56524218
    Clontarf MN56226320
    Cloquet MN55720218
    Cohasset MN55721218
    Cokato MN55321320
    Cold Spring MN56320320
    Coleraine MN55722218
    Collegeville MN56321320
    Cologne MN55322952
    Comfrey MN56019507
    Comstock MN56525218
    Conger MN56020507
    Cook MN55723218
    Correll MN56227320
    Cosmos MN56228320
    Cottage Grove MN55016651
    Cotton MN55724218
    Cottonwood MN56229507
    Courtland MN56021507
    Crane Lake MN55725218
    Cromwell MN55726218
    Crookston MN56716218
    Crosby MN56441218
    Crosslake MN56442218
    Crystal Bay MN55323952
    Currie MN56123507
    Cushing MN56443218
    Cyrus MN56323320
    Dakota MN55925507
    Dalbo MN55017612
    Dalton MN56324218
    Danube MN56230320
    Danvers MN56231320
    Darfur MN56022507
    Darwin MN55324320
    Dassel MN55325320
    Dawson MN56232320
    Dayton MN55327763
    Deer Creek MN56527218
    Deer River MN56636218
    Deerwood MN56444218
    Delano MN55328763
    Delavan MN56023507
    Dennison MN55018507
    Dent MN56528218
    Detroit Lakes MN56501, 56502218
    Dexter MN55926507
    Dilworth MN56529218
    Dodge Center MN55927507
    Donaldson MN56720218
    Donnelly MN56235320
    Dover MN55929507
    Dovray MN56125507
    Duluth MN55801, 55802, 55803, 55804, 55805, 55806, 55807, 55808, 55810, 55811, 55812, 55814, 55815, 55816218
    Dumont MN56236320
    Dundas MN55019507
    Dunnell MN56127507
    Eagle Bend MN56446218
    Eagle Lake MN56024507
    East Grand Forks MN56721218
    Easton MN56025507
    Echo MN56237507
    Eden Prairie MN55344, 55346, 55347952
    Eden Valley MN55329320
    Edgerton MN56128507
    Effie MN56639218
    Eitzen MN55931507
    Elbow Lake MN56531218
    Elgin MN55932507
    Elizabeth MN56533218
    Elk River MN55330763
    Elko MN55020952
    Elkton MN55933507
    Ellendale MN56026507
    Ellsworth MN56129507
    Elmore MN56027507
    Elrosa MN56325320
    Ely MN55731218
    Elysian MN56028507
    Embarrass MN55732218
    Emily MN56447218
    Emmons MN56029507
    Erhard MN56534218
    Erskine MN56535218
    Esko MN55733218
    Essig MN56030507
    Euclid MN56722218
    Evansville MN56326218
    Eveleth MN55734218
    Excelsior MN55331952
    Eyota MN55934507
    Fairfax MN55332507
    Fairmont MN56031507
    Faribault MN55021507
    Farmington MN55024651, 952
    Farwell MN56327320
    Federal Dam MN56641218
    Felton MN56536218
    Fergus Falls MN56537, 56538218
    Fertile MN56540218
    Fifty Lakes MN56448218
    Finland MN55603218
    Finlayson MN55735320
    Fisher MN56723218
    Flensburg MN56328651
    Flom MN56541218
    Floodwood MN55736218
    Foley MN56329320
    Forbes MN55738218
    Forest Lake MN55025651
    Foreston MN56330320
    Fort Ripley MN56449218
    Fosston MN56542218
    Fountain MN55935507
    Foxhome MN56543218
    Franklin MN55333507
    Frazee MN56544218
    Freeborn MN56032507
    Freeport MN56331320
    Frontenac MN55026651
    Frost MN56033507
    Fulda MN56131507
    Garden City MN56034507
    Garfield MN56332320
    Garrison MN56450320
    Garvin MN56132507
    Gary MN56545218
    Gatzke MN56724218
    Gaylord MN55334507
    Geneva MN56035507
    Georgetown MN56546218
    Ghent MN56239507
    Gibbon MN55335507
    Gilbert MN55741218
    Gilman MN56333320
    Glencoe MN55336320
    Glenville MN56036507
    Glenwood MN56334320
    Glyndon MN56547218
    Gonvick MN56644218
    Good Thunder MN56037507
    Goodhue MN55027651
    Goodland MN55742218
    Goodridge MN56725218
    Graceville MN56240320
    Granada MN56039507
    Grand Marais MN55604218
    Grand Meadow MN55936507
    Grand Portage MN55605218
    Grand Rapids MN55730, 55744, 55745218
    Grandy MN55029612
    Granite Falls MN56241320
    Grasston MN55030320
    Green Isle MN55338507
    Greenbush MN56726218
    Greenwald MN56335320
    Grey Eagle MN56336320
    Grove City MN56243320
    Grygla MN56727218
    Gully MN56646218
    Hackensack MN56452218
    Hallock MN56728218
    Halma MN56729218
    Halstad MN56548218
    Hamburg MN55339952
    Hamel MN55340763
    Hampton MN55031651
    Hancock MN56244320
    Hanley Falls MN56245507
    Hanover MN55341763
    Hanska MN56041507
    Hardwick MN56134507
    Harmony MN55939507
    Harris MN55032651
    Hartland MN56042507
    Hastings MN55033651
    Hawley MN56549218
    Hayfield MN55940507
    Hayward MN56043507
    Hector MN55342320
    Henderson MN56044507
    Hendricks MN56136507
    Hendrum MN56550218
    Henning MN56551218
    Henriette MN55036612
    Herman MN56248320
    Heron Lake MN56137507
    Hewitt MN56453218
    Hibbing MN55746, 55747218
    Hill City MN55748218
    Hillman MN56338320
    Hills MN56138507
    Hinckley MN55037320
    Hines MN56647218
    Hitterdal MN56552218
    Hoffman MN56339320
    Hokah MN55941507
    Holdingford MN56340320
    Holland MN56139507
    Hollandale MN56045507
    Holloway MN56249320
    Holmes City MN56341320
    Holyoke MN55749218
    Homer MN55942507
    Hope MN56046507
    Hopkins MN55305, 55343952
    Houston MN55943507
    Hovland MN55606218
    Howard Lake MN55349, 55575320
    Hoyt Lakes MN55750218
    Hugo MN55038651
    Humboldt MN56731218
    Huntley MN56047507
    Hutchinson MN55350320
    Ihlen MN56140507
    International Falls MN56649218
    Inver Grove Heights MN55076, 55077651
    Iona MN56141507
    Iron MN55751218
    Ironton MN56455218
    Isabella MN55607218
    Isanti MN55040763
    Isle MN56342320
    Ivanhoe MN56142507
    Jackson MN56143507
    Jacobson MN55752218
    Janesville MN56048507
    Jasper MN56144507
    Jeffers MN56145507
    Jenkins MN56456218
    Jordan MN55352952
    Kabetogama MN56669218
    Kanaranzi MN56146507
    Kandiyohi MN56251320
    Karlstad MN56732218
    Kasota MN56050507
    Kasson MN55944507
    Keewatin MN55753218
    Kelliher MN56650218
    Kellogg MN55945507
    Kennedy MN56733218
    Kenneth MN56147507
    Kensington MN56343320
    Kent MN56553218
    Kenyon MN55946507
    Kerkhoven MN56252320
    Kerrick MN55756218
    Kettle River MN55757218
    Kiester MN56051507
    Kilkenny MN56052507
    Kimball MN55353320
    Kinney MN55758218
    Knife River MN55609218
    La Crescent MN55947507
    La Salle MN56056507
    Lafayette MN56054507
    Lake Benton MN56149507
    Lake Bronson MN56734218
    Lake City MN55041651
    Lake Crystal MN56055507
    Lake Elmo MN55042651
    Lake George MN56458218
    Lake Hubert MN56459218
    Lake Lillian MN56253320
    Lake Park MN56554218
    Lake Wilson MN56151507
    Lakefield MN56150507
    Lakeland MN55043651
    Lakeville MN55044952
    Lamberton MN56152507
    Lancaster MN56735218
    Lanesboro MN55949507
    Lansing MN55950507
    Laporte MN56461218
    Lastrup MN56344320
    Le Center MN56057507
    Le Roy MN55951507
    Le Sueur MN56058507
    Lengby MN56651218
    Leonard MN56652218
    Leota MN56153507
    Lester Prairie MN55354320
    Lewiston MN55952507
    Lewisville MN56060507
    Lindstrom MN55045651
    Lismore MN56155507
    Litchfield MN55355320
    Little Falls MN56345320
    Littlefork MN56653218
    Loman MN56654218
    Long Lake MN55356952
    Long Prairie MN56347320
    Longville MN56655218
    Lonsdale MN55046507
    Loretto MN55357, 55595, 55596, 55597, 55598, 55599763
    Lowry MN56349320
    Lucan MN56255507
    Lutsen MN55612218
    Luverne MN56156507
    Lyle MN55953507
    Lynd MN56157507
    Mabel MN55954507
    Madelia MN56062507
    Madison MN56256320
    Madison Lake MN56063507
    Magnolia MN56158507
    Mahnomen MN56557218
    Makinen MN55763218
    Mankato MN56001, 56002, 56003, 56006507
    Mantorville MN55955507
    Maple Lake MN55358320
    Maple Plain MN55348, 55359, 55393, 55570, 55571, 55574, 55576, 55578, 55579, 55592, 55593763
    Mapleton MN56065507
    Marble MN55764218
    Marcell MN56657218
    Margie MN56658218
    Marietta MN56257320
    Marine On Saint Croix MN55047651
    Marshall MN56258507
    Max MN56659218
    Mayer MN55360952
    Maynard MN56260320
    Mazeppa MN55956507
    Mc Grath MN56350320
    Mcgregor MN55760218
    Mcintosh MN56556218
    Meadowlands MN55765218
    Medford MN55049507
    Melrose MN56352320
    Melrude MN55766218
    Menahga MN56464218
    Mendota MN55150651
    Mentor MN56736218
    Merrifield MN56465218
    Middle River MN56737218
    Milaca MN56353320
    Milan MN56262320
    Millville MN55957507
    Milroy MN56263507
    Miltona MN56354218
    Minneapolis MN55401, 55402, 55403, 55404, 55405, 55406, 55407, 55408, 55409, 55410, 55411, 55412, 55413, 55414, 55415, 55416, 55417, 55418, 55419, 55420, 55421, 55422, 55423, 55424, 55425, 55426, 55427, 55428, 55429, 55430, 55431, 55432, 55433, 55434, 55435, 55436, 55437, 55438, 55439, 55440, 55441, 55442, 55443, 55444, 55445, 55446, 55447, 55448, 55449, 55450, 55454, 55455, 55458, 55459, 55460, 55467, 55468, 55470, 55472, 55473, 55474, 55478, 55479, 55480, 55483, 55484, 55485, 55486, 55487, 55488612, 651, 763, 952
    Minneota MN56264507
    Minnesota City MN55959507
    Minnesota Lake MN56068507
    Minnetonka MN55345952
    Minnetonka Beach MN55361612
    Mizpah MN56660218
    Montevideo MN56265320
    Montgomery MN56069507
    Monticello MN55362, 55365, 55561, 55563, 55565, 55580, 55581, 55582, 55584, 55585, 55586, 55587, 55588, 55589, 55590, 55591763
    Montrose MN55363763
    Moorhead MN56560, 56561, 56562, 56563218
    Moose Lake MN55767218
    Mora MN55051320
    Morgan MN56266507
    Morris MN56267320
    Morristown MN55052507
    Morton MN56270507
    Motley MN56466218
    Mound MN55364952
    Mountain Iron MN55768218
    Mountain Lake MN56159507
    Murdock MN56271320
    Nashua MN56565218
    Nashwauk MN55769218
    Navarre MN55392952
    Naytahwaush MN56566218
    Nelson MN56355320
    Nerstrand MN55053507
    Nett Lake MN55772218
    Nevis MN56467218
    New Auburn MN55366320
    New Germany MN55367952
    New London MN56273320
    New Market MN55054612
    New Munich MN56356651
    New Prague MN56071952
    New Richland MN56072507
    New Ulm MN56073507
    New York Mills MN56567218
    Newfolden MN56738218
    Newport MN55055651
    Nicollet MN56074507
    Nielsville MN56568218
    Nimrod MN56478218
    Nisswa MN56468218
    Norcross MN56274320
    North Branch MN55056651
    Northfield MN55057507
    Northome MN56661218
    Northrop MN56075507
    Norwood MN55383, 55554, 55583952
    Norwood Young America MN55368952
    Noyes MN56740218
    Oak Island MN56741218
    Oak Park MN56357320
    Odessa MN56276320
    Odin MN56160507
    Ogema MN56569218
    Ogilvie MN56358320
    Okabena MN56161507
    Oklee MN56742218
    Olivia MN56277320
    Onamia MN56359320
    Ormsby MN56162507
    Oronoco MN55960507
    Orr MN55771218
    Ortonville MN56278320
    Osage MN56570218
    Osakis MN56360320
    Oslo MN56744218
    Osseo MN55311, 55369, 55569763
    Ostrander MN55961507
    Ottertail MN56571218
    Outing MN56662218
    Owatonna MN55060507
    Palisade MN56469218
    Park Rapids MN56470218
    Parkers Prairie MN56361218
    Paynesville MN56362320
    Pease MN56363320
    Pelican Rapids MN56572218
    Pemberton MN56078507
    Pengilly MN55775218
    Pennington MN56663218
    Pennock MN56279320
    Pequot Lakes MN56472218
    Perham MN56573218
    Perley MN56574218
    Peterson MN55962507
    Pierz MN56364320
    Pillager MN56473218
    Pine City MN55063320
    Pine Island MN55963507
    Pine River MN56474218
    Pipestone MN56164507
    Plainview MN55964507
    Plato MN55370320
    Plummer MN56748218
    Ponemah MN56666218
    Ponsford MN56575218
    Porter MN56280507
    Preston MN55965507
    Princeton MN55371763
    Prinsburg MN56281320
    Prior Lake MN55372952
    Puposky MN56667218
    Racine MN55967507
    Randall MN56475320
    Randolph MN55065507
    Ranier MN56668218
    Raymond MN56282320
    Reading MN56165507
    Reads Landing MN55968651
    Red Lake Falls MN56750218
    Red Wing MN55066651
    Redby MN56670218
    Redlake MN56671218
    Redwood Falls MN56283507
    Remer MN56672218
    Renville MN56284320
    Revere MN56166507
    Rice MN56367320
    Richmond MN56368320
    Richville MN56576218
    Richwood MN56577218
    Rochert MN56578218
    Rochester MN55901, 55902, 55903, 55904, 55905, 55906507
    Rock Creek MN55067320
    Rockford MN55373, 55572, 55577763
    Rockville MN56369320
    Rogers MN55374763
    Rollingstone MN55969507
    Roosevelt MN56673218
    Roscoe MN56371612
    Rose Creek MN55970507
    Roseau MN56751218
    Rosemount MN55068651
    Rothsay MN56579218
    Round Lake MN56167507
    Royalton MN56373320
    Rush City MN55069320
    Rushford MN55971507
    Rushmore MN56168507
    Russell MN56169507
    Ruthton MN56170507
    Sabin MN56580218
    Sacred Heart MN56285320
    Saginaw MN55779218
    Saint Bonifacius MN55375952
    Saint Charles MN55972507
    Saint Clair MN56080507
    Saint Cloud MN56301, 56302, 56303, 56304, 56372, 56393, 56395, 56396, 56397, 56398, 56399320
    Saint Francis MN55070763
    Saint Hilaire MN56754218
    Saint James MN56081507
    Saint Joseph MN56374320
    Saint Louis Park MN612, 952
    Saint Martin MN56376320
    Saint Michael MN55376763
    Saint Paul MN55101, 55102, 55103, 55104, 55105, 55106, 55107, 55108, 55109, 55110, 55111, 55112, 55113, 55114, 55115, 55116, 55117, 55118, 55119, 55120, 55121, 55122, 55123, 55124, 55125, 55126, 55127, 55128, 55129, 55130, 55133, 55144, 55145, 55146, 55155, 55161, 55164, 55165, 55166, 55168, 55169, 55170, 55171, 55172, 55175, 55177, 55187, 55188, 55191612, 651, 952
    Saint Paul Park MN55071651
    Saint Peter MN56082507
    Saint Stephen MN56375612
    Saint Vincent MN56755218
    Salol MN56756218
    Sanborn MN56083507
    Sandstone MN55072320
    Santiago MN55377612
    Sargeant MN55973507
    Sartell MN56377320
    Sauk Centre MN56378320
    Sauk Rapids MN56379320
    Savage MN55378952
    Sawyer MN55780218
    Scandia MN55073651
    Schroeder MN55613218
    Seaforth MN56287507
    Searles MN56084507
    Sebeka MN56477218
    Shafer MN55074651
    Shakopee MN55379952
    Shelly MN56581218
    Sherburn MN56171507
    Shevlin MN56676218
    Side Lake MN55781218
    Silver Bay MN55614218
    Silver Creek MN55380763
    Silver Lake MN55381320
    Slayton MN56172507
    Sleepy Eye MN56085507
    Solway MN56678218
    Soudan MN55782218
    South Haven MN55382320
    South International Falls MN56679218
    South Saint Paul MN55075651
    Spicer MN56288320
    Spring Grove MN55974507
    Spring Lake MN56680218
    Spring Park MN55384952
    Spring Valley MN55975507
    Springfield MN56087507
    Squaw Lake MN56681218
    Stacy MN55078, 55079651
    Stanchfield MN55080320
    Staples MN56479218
    Starbuck MN56381320
    Steen MN56173507
    Stephen MN56757218
    Stewart MN55385320
    Stewartville MN55976507
    Stillwater MN55082, 55083651
    Stockton MN55988507
    Storden MN56174507
    Strandquist MN56758218
    Strathcona MN56759218
    Sturgeon Lake MN55783218
    Sunburg MN56289320
    Swan River MN55784218
    Swanville MN56382320
    Swatara MN55785218
    Swift MN56682218
    Taconite MN55786218
    Talmoon MN56637218
    Tamarack MN55787218
    Taopi MN55977507
    Taunton MN56291507
    Taylors Falls MN55084651
    Tenstrike MN56683218
    Thief River Falls MN56701218
    Tintah MN56583218
    Tofte MN55615218
    Tower MN55790218
    Tracy MN56175507
    Trail MN56684218
    Trimont MN56176507
    Trosky MN56177507
    Truman MN56088507
    Twig MN55791218
    Twin Lakes MN56089507
    Twin Valley MN56584218
    Two Harbors MN55616218
    Tyler MN56178507
    Ulen MN56585218
    Underwood MN56586218
    Upsala MN56384320
    Utica MN55979507
    Vergas MN56587218
    Vermillion MN55085651
    Verndale MN56481218
    Vernon Center MN56090507
    Vesta MN56292507
    Victoria MN55386952
    Viking MN56760218
    Villard MN56385320
    Vining MN56588218
    Virginia MN55777, 55792218
    Wabasha MN55981651
    Wabasso MN56293507
    Waconia MN55387952
    Wadena MN56482218
    Wahkon MN56386320
    Waite Park MN56387, 56388320
    Waldorf MN56091507
    Walker MN56484218
    Walnut Grove MN56180507
    Waltham MN55982507
    Wanamingo MN55983507
    Wanda MN56294507
    Wannaska MN56761218
    Warba MN55793218
    Warren MN56762218
    Warroad MN56763218
    Warsaw MN55087507
    Waseca MN56093507
    Waskish MN56685218
    Watertown MN55388952
    Waterville MN56096507
    Watkins MN55389320
    Watson MN56295612
    Waubun MN56589218
    Waverly MN55390763
    Wayzata MN55391763, 952
    Webster MN55088952
    Welch MN55089651
    Welcome MN56181507
    Wells MN56097507
    Wendell MN56590218
    West Concord MN55985507
    West Union MN56389320
    Westbrook MN56183507
    Wheaton MN56296320
    White Earth MN56591218
    Willernie MN55090651
    Williams MN56686218
    Willmar MN56201320
    Willow River MN55795218
    Wilmont MN56185507
    Wilton MN56687218
    Windom MN56101507
    Winger MN56592218
    Winnebago MN56098507
    Winona MN55987507
    Winsted MN55395320
    Winthrop MN55396507
    Winton MN55796218
    Wirt MN56688218
    Wolf Lake MN56593218
    Wolverton MN56594218
    Wood Lake MN56297507
    Woodstock MN56186507
    Worthington MN56187507
    Wrenshall MN55797218
    Wright MN55798218
    Wykoff MN55990507
    Wyoming MN55092651
    Young America MN55394, 55397, 55399, 55550, 55551, 55552, 55553, 55555, 55556, 55557, 55558, 55559, 55560, 55562, 55564, 55566, 55567, 55568, 55573, 55594952
    Zimmerman MN55398763
    Zumbro Falls MN55991507
    Zumbrota MN55992507

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