Kentucky: Alcohol Drug Testing and Screening Information

Kentucky KY Alcohol Drug Testing And Screening


Our goal is to provide you with the best resources of information regarding Alcohol and Drug Testing within Kentucky. Below you will find links to official US government drug and alcohol testing laws and regulations.

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Kentucky Official Alcohol and Drug Testing Laws, Regulations and Information:

Kentucky Drug Alcohol Testing Coverage:

Kentucky, Alcohol and Drug Testing Service Information Cities, Zip Codes and Area Codes:

Kentucky, Alcohol and Drug Testing Service Information Cities, Zip Codes and Area Codes:
CityZip CodesArea Codes
Aberdeen KY42201270
Adairville KY42202270
Adams KY41201606
Adolphus KY42120270
Ages Brookside KY40801606
Albany KY42602606
Alexandria KY41001859
Allen KY41601606
Allensville KY42204270
Almo KY42020270
Alpha KY42603606
Alvaton KY42122270
Annville KY40402606
Argillite KY41121606
Arjay KY40902606
Arlington KY42021270
Artemus KY40903606
Ary KY41712606
Ashcamp KY41512606
Asher KY40803606
Ashland KY41101, 41102, 41105, 41114606
Athol KY41307606
Auburn KY42206270
Augusta KY41002606
Austin KY42123270
Auxier KY41602606
Avawam KY41713606
Bagdad KY40003502
Bandana KY42022270
Banner KY41603606
Barbourville KY40906606
Bardstown KY40004502
Bardwell KY42023270
Barlow KY42024270
Baskett KY42402270
Battletown KY40104270
Baxter KY40806606
Bays KY41310606
Bear Branch KY41714606
Beattyville KY41311606
Beaumont KY42124270
Beauty KY41203606
Beaver KY41604606
Beaver Dam KY42320270
Bedford KY40006502
Bee Spring KY42207270
Beech Creek KY42321270
Beech Grove KY42322270
Beechmont KY42323270
Belcher KY41513606
Belfry KY41514606
Bellevue KY41073859
Belton KY42324270
Benham KY40807606
Benton KY42025270
Berea KY40403, 40404859
Berry KY41003859
Bethany KY41313606
Bethelridge KY42516606
Bethlehem KY40007502
Betsy Layne KY41605606
Beverly KY40913606
Bevinsville KY41606606
Big Clifty KY42712270
Big Creek KY40914606
Big Laurel KY40808606
Bighill KY40405859
Bimble KY40915606
Blackey KY41804606
Blackford KY42403270
Blaine KY41124606
Bledsoe KY40810606
Bloomfield KY40008502
Blue River KY41607606
Boaz KY42027270
Bonnieville KY42713270
Bonnyman KY41719606
Booneville KY41314606
Boons Camp KY41204606
Boston KY40107502
Bowling Green KY42101, 42102, 42103, 42104270
Bradfordsville KY40009270
Brandenburg KY40108270
Breeding KY42715270
Bremen KY42325270
Brodhead KY40409606
Bronston KY42518606
Brooks KY40109502
Brooksville KY41004606
Browder KY42326270
Brownsville KY42210270
Bryants Store KY40921606
Bryantsville KY40410859
Buckhorn KY41721606
Buckner KY40010502
Buffalo KY42716270
Bulan KY41722606
Burdine KY41517606
Burgin KY40310859
Burkesville KY42717270
Burlington KY41005859
Burna KY42028270
Burnside KY42519606
Bush KY40724606
Busy KY41723606
Butler KY41006859
Bypro KY41612606
Cadiz KY42211270
Calhoun KY42327270
California KY41007859
Calvert City KY42029270
Calvin KY40813606
Campbellsburg KY40011502
Campbellsville KY42718, 42719270
Campton KY41301606
Canada KY41519606
Cane Valley KY42720502
Caneyville KY42721270
Canmer KY42722270
Cannel City KY41408606
Cannon KY40923606
Carlisle KY40311859
Carrie KY41725606
Carrollton KY41008502
Carter KY41128606
Catlettsburg KY41129606
Cave City KY42127270
Cawood KY40815606
Cecilia KY42724270
Center KY42214270
Centertown KY42328270
Central City KY42330270
Cerulean KY42215270
Chaplin KY40012502
Chappell KY40816606
Chavies KY41727606
Clarkson KY42726270
Clay KY42404270
Clay City KY40312606
Clayhole KY41317606
Clearfield KY40313606
Cleaton KY42332270
Clermont KY40110502
Clifty KY42216270
Clinton KY42031270
Closplint KY40927606
Cloverport KY40111270
Coalgood KY40818606
Coldiron KY40819606
Columbia KY42728270
Columbus KY42032270
Combs KY41729606
Corbin KY40701, 40702606
Corinth KY41010859
Cornettsville KY41731606
Corydon KY42406270
Covington KY41011, 41012, 41014, 41016, 41019859
Coxs Creek KY40013502
Crab Orchard KY40419606
Cranks KY40820606
Crayne KY42033270
Crestwood KY40014502
Crittenden KY41030859
Crockett KY41413606
Crofton KY42217270
Cromona KY41810606
Cromwell KY42333270
Cub Run KY42729270
Cumberland KY40823606
Cunningham KY42035270
Curdsville KY42334270
Custer KY40115270
Cynthiana KY41031859
Dana KY41615606
Danville KY40422, 40423859
David KY41616606
Dawson Springs KY42408270
Dayhoit KY40824606
Dayton KY41074859
De Mossville KY41033859
Deane KY41812606
Debord KY41214606
Delphia KY41735606
Dema KY41859606
Denniston KY40316606
Denton KY41132606
Dewitt KY40930606
Dexter KY42036270
Dice KY41736606
Dixon KY42409270
Dorton KY41520606
Dover KY41034606
Drake KY42128502
Drakesboro KY42337270
Drift KY41619606
Dry Ridge KY41035859
Dubre KY42731270
Dunbar KY42219270
Dundee KY42338270
Dunmor KY42339270
Dunnville KY42528606
Dwale KY41621606
Dwarf KY41739606
Dycusburg KY42037270
Earlington KY42410270
East Bernstadt KY40729606
East Point KY41216606
Eastern KY41622606
Eastview KY42732270
Eastwood KY40018502
Eddyville KY42038270
Edmonton KY42129270
Eighty Eight KY42130270
Ekron KY40117270
Elizabethtown KY42701, 42702270
Elizaville KY41037606
Elk Horn KY42733270
Elkfork KY41421606
Elkhorn City KY41522606
Elkton KY42220270
Elliottville KY40317606
Emerson KY41135606
Eminence KY40019502
Emlyn KY40730606
Emmalena KY41740606
Eolia KY40826606
Eriline KY40931606
Erlanger KY41018859
Ermine KY41815606
Essie KY40827606
Etoile KY42131270
Eubank KY42567606
Evarts KY40828606
Ewing KY41039606
Ezel KY41425606
Fairdale KY40118502
Fairfield KY40020502
Fairview KY42221270
Falcon KY41426606
Fall Rock KY40932606
Falls Of Rough KY40119270
Falmouth KY41040859
Fancy Farm KY42039270
Farmers KY40319606
Farmington KY42040270
Fedscreek KY41524606
Ferguson KY42533606
Finchville KY40022502
Fisherville KY40023502
Fisty KY41743606
Flat Lick KY40935606
Flatgap KY41219606
Flatwoods KY41139606
Flemingsburg KY41041606
Florence KY41022, 41042859
Fords Branch KY41526606
Fordsville KY42343270
Forest Hills KY41527606
Fort Campbell KY42223270
Fort Knox KY40121502
Fort Thomas KY41075859
Foster KY41043606
Fountain Run KY42133270
Fourmile KY40939606
Frakes KY40940606
Frankfort KY40601, 40602, 40603, 40604, 40618, 40619, 40620, 40621, 40622502
Franklin KY42134, 42135270
Fredonia KY42411270
Freeburn KY41528606
Frenchburg KY40322606
Ft Mitchell KY41017859
Fulton KY42041270
Gamaliel KY42140270
Garfield KY40140270
Garner KY41817606
Garrard KY40941606
Garrett KY41630606
Garrison KY41141606
Gays Creek KY41745606
Georgetown KY40324502
Germantown KY41044606
Ghent KY41045502
Gilbertsville KY42044270
Girdler KY40943606
Glasgow KY42141, 42142270
Glencoe KY41046859
Glendale KY42740270
Glens Fork KY42741270
Glenview KY40025502
Goose Rock KY40944606
Gordon KY41819606
Goshen KY40026502
Gracey KY42232270
Gradyville KY42742270
Graham KY42344270
Grahn KY41142606
Grand Rivers KY42045270
Gravel Switch KY40328270
Gray KY40734606
Gray Hawk KY40434606
Grays Knob KY40829606
Grayson KY41143606
Green Road KY40946606
Greensburg KY42743270
Greenup KY41144606
Greenville KY42345270
Grethel KY41631606
Gulston KY40830606
Gunlock KY41632606
Guston KY40142270
Guthrie KY42234270
Hagerhill KY41222606
Hallie KY41821606
Hampton KY42047270
Hanson KY42413270
Happy KY41746606
Hardburly KY41747606
Hardin KY42048270
Hardinsburg KY40143270
Hardy KY41531606
Hardyville KY42746270
Harlan KY40831606
Harned KY40144270
Harold KY41635606
Harrods Creek KY40027502
Harrodsburg KY40330859
Hartford KY42347270
Hawesville KY42348270
Hazard KY41701, 41702606
Hazel KY42049270
Hazel Green KY41332606
Hebron KY41048859
Heidelberg KY41333606
Heidrick KY40949606
Hellier KY41534606
Helton KY40840606
Henderson KY42419, 42420270
Herndon KY42236270
Hestand KY42151270
Hi Hat KY41636606
Hickman KY42050270
Hickory KY42051270
Hillsboro KY41049606
Hillview KY40129502
Hima KY40951606
Hindman KY41822606
Hinkle KY40953606
Hiseville KY42152270
Hitchins KY41146606
Hodgenville KY42748270
Holland KY42153270
Holmes Mill KY40843606
Hope KY40334859
Hopkinsville KY42240, 42241270
Horse Branch KY42349270
Horse Cave KY42749270
Hoskinston KY40844606
Huddy KY41535606
Hudson KY40145270
Hueysville KY41640606
Hulen KY40845606
Hustonville KY40437606
Hyden KY41749606
Independence KY41051859
Inez KY41224606
Ingram KY40955606
Irvine KY40336606
Irvington KY40146270
Island KY42350270
Island City KY41338606
Isom KY41824606
Isonville KY41149606
Ivel KY41642606
Jackhorn KY41825606
Jackson KY41339606
Jamestown KY42629270
Jeff KY41751606
Jeffersonville KY40337859
Jenkins KY41537606
Jeremiah KY41826606
Jetson KY42252270
Jonancy KY41538606
Jonesville KY41052859
Junction City KY40440859
Keaton KY41226606
Keavy KY40737606
Keene KY40339859
Kenton KY41053859
Kenvir KY40847606
Kettle Island KY40958606
Kevil KY42053270
Kimper KY41539606
Kings Mountain KY40442606
Kirksey KY42054270
Kite KY41828606
Knifley KY42753270
Knob Lick KY42154270
Krypton KY41754606
Kuttawa KY42055270
La Center KY42056270
La Fayette KY42254270
La Grange KY40031, 40032502
Lackey KY41643606
Lancaster KY40444, 40446859
Langley KY41645606
Latonia KY41015859
Lawrenceburg KY40342502
Lebanon KY40033270
Lebanon Junction KY40150502
Leburn KY41831606
Ledbetter KY42058270
Leitchfield KY42754, 42755270
Lejunior KY40849606
Letcher KY41832606
Lewisburg KY42256270
Lewisport KY42351270
Lexington KY40502, 40503, 40504, 40505, 40506, 40507, 40508, 40509, 40510, 40511, 40512, 40513, 40514, 40515, 40516, 40517, 40522, 40523, 40524, 40526, 40533, 40536, 40544, 40546, 40550, 40555, 40574, 40575, 40576, 40577, 40578, 40579, 40580, 40581, 40582, 40583, 40588, 40591, 40598859
Liberty KY42539606
Lick Creek KY41540606
Lily KY40740606
Linefork KY41833606
Littcarr KY41834606
Livermore KY42352270
Livingston KY40445606
Lockport KY40036502
London KY40741, 40742, 40743, 40744, 40745606
Lone KY41347606
Lookout KY41542606
Loretto KY40037270
Lost Creek KY41348606
Louisa KY41230606
Louisville KY40201, 40202, 40203, 40204, 40205, 40206, 40207, 40208, 40209, 40210, 40211, 40212, 40213, 40214, 40215, 40216, 40217, 40218, 40219, 40220, 40221, 40222, 40223, 40224, 40225, 40228, 40229, 40231, 40232, 40233, 40241, 40242, 40243, 40245, 40250, 40251, 40252, 40253, 40255, 40256, 40257, 40258, 40259, 40261, 40266, 40268, 40269, 40270, 40272, 40280, 40281, 40282, 40283, 40285, 40287, 40289, 40290, 40291, 40292, 40293, 40294, 40295, 40296, 40297, 40298, 40299502
Lovelaceville KY42060270
Lovely KY41231606
Lowes KY42061270
Lowmansville KY41232606
Loyall KY40854606
Lucas KY42156270
Lynch KY40855606
Lynnville KY42063270
Maceo KY42355270
Mackville KY40040859
Madisonville KY42431270
Magnolia KY42757270
Majestic KY41547606
Mallie KY41836606
Malone KY41451606
Mammoth Cave KY42259270
Manchester KY40962606
Manitou KY42436270
Mannsville KY42758270
Maple Mount KY42356270
Marion KY42064270
Marrowbone KY42759270
Marshes Siding KY42631606
Martha KY41159606
Martin KY41649606
Mary Alice KY40964606
Mason KY41054859
Masonic Home KY40041502
Mayfield KY42066270
Mayking KY41837606
Mayslick KY41055606
Maysville KY41056606
Mazie KY41160606
Mc Andrews KY41543606
Mc Carr KY41544606
Mc Daniels KY40152270
Mc Dowell KY41647606
Mc Henry KY42354270
Mc Kee KY40447606
Mc Kinney KY40448606
Mc Quady KY40153270
Mc Roberts KY41835606
Meally KY41234606
Means KY40346606
Melber KY42069270
Melbourne KY41059859
Melvin KY41650606
Middleburg KY42541606
Middlesboro KY40965606
Midway KY40347859
Milburn KY42070270
Milford KY41061606
Millersburg KY40348859
Millstone KY41838606
Millwood KY42762270
Milton KY40045502
Minerva KY41062606
Minnie KY41651606
Miracle KY40856606
Mistletoe KY41351606
Mitchellsburg KY40452859
Mize KY41352606
Monticello KY42633606
Moorefield KY40350859
Morehead KY40351606
Morganfield KY42437270
Morgantown KY42261270
Morning View KY41063859
Mortons Gap KY42440270
Mount Eden KY40046502
Mount Hermon KY42157270
Mount Olivet KY41064606
Mount Sherman KY42764270
Mount Sterling KY40353859
Mount Vernon KY40456606
Mount Washington KY40047502
Mousie KY41839606
Mouthcard KY41548606
Mozelle KY40858606
Muldraugh KY40155270
Munfordville KY42765270
Murray KY42071270
Muses Mills KY41065606
Myra KY41549606
Nancy KY42544606
Nazareth KY40048502
Nebo KY42441270
Neon KY41840606
Nerinx KY40049270
Nevisdale KY40754606
New Castle KY40050502
New Concord KY42076270
New Haven KY40051502
New Hope KY40052502
New Liberty KY40355502
Newport KY41071, 41072, 41076, 41099859
Nicholasville KY40340, 40356859
North Middletown KY40357859
Nortonville KY42442270
Oak Grove KY42262270
Oakland KY42159270
Oil Springs KY41238606
Olaton KY42361270
Olive Hill KY41164606
Olmstead KY42265270
Olympia KY40358606
Oneida KY40972606
Ophir KY41459606
Orlando KY40460606
Owensboro KY42301, 42302, 42303, 42304270
Owenton KY40359502
Owingsville KY40360606
Paducah KY42001, 42002, 42003270
Paint Lick KY40461859
Paintsville KY41240606
Paris KY40361, 40362859
Park City KY42160270
Parkers Lake KY42634606
Parksville KY40464859
Partridge KY40862606
Pathfork KY40863606
Payneville KY40157270
Pellville KY42364270
Pembroke KY42266270
Pendleton KY40055502
Perry Park KY40363502
Perryville KY40468859
Petersburg KY41080859
Pewee Valley KY40056502
Phelps KY41553606
Philpot KY42366270
Phyllis KY41554606
Pikeville KY41501, 41502606
Pilgrim KY41250606
Pine Knot KY42635606
Pine Ridge KY41360606
Pine Top KY41843606
Pineville KY40977606
Pinsonfork KY41555606
Pippa Passes KY41844606
Pittsburg KY40755606
Pleasureville KY40057502
Plummers Landing KY41081606
Poole KY42444270
Port Royal KY40058502
Powderly KY42367270
Premium KY41845606
Preston KY40366606
Prestonsburg KY41653606
Primrose KY41362606
Princeton KY42445270
Printer KY41655606
Prospect KY40059502
Providence KY42450270
Putney KY40865606
Quincy KY41166606
Raccoon KY41557606
Radcliff KY40159, 40160270
Ransom KY41558606
Raven KY41861606
Ravenna KY40472606
Raywick KY40060270
Redfox KY41847606
Reed KY42451270
Regina KY41559606
Renfro Valley KY40473606
Revelo KY42638606
Reynolds Station KY42368270
Rhodelia KY40161270
Ricetown KY41364606
Richmond KY40475, 40476859
Rineyville KY40162270
River KY41254606
Roark KY40979606
Robards KY42452270
Robinson Creek KY41560606
Rochester KY42273270
Rockfield KY42274270
Rockholds KY40759606
Rockhouse KY41561606
Rockport KY42369270
Rocky Hill KY42163270
Rogers KY41365606
Rosine KY42370270
Roundhill KY42275270
Rousseau KY41366606
Rowdy KY41367606
Roxana KY41848606
Royalton KY41464606
Rumsey KY42371502
Rush KY41168606
Russell KY41169606
Russell Springs KY42642270
Russellville KY42276270
Sacramento KY42372270
Sadieville KY40370502
Saint Catharine KY40061859
Saint Charles KY42453270
Saint Francis KY40062270
Saint Helens KY41368606
Saint Mary KY40063270
Salem KY42078270
Salt Lick KY40371606
Salvisa KY40372859
Salyersville KY41465606
Sanders KY41083502
Sandgap KY40481606
Sandy Hook KY41171606
Sassafras KY41759606
Saul KY40981606
Scalf KY40982606
Science Hill KY42553606
Scottsville KY42164270
Scuddy KY41760606
Sebree KY42455270
Seco KY41849606
Sedalia KY42079270
Sextons Creek KY40983606
Sharon Grove KY42280270
Sharpsburg KY40374606
Shelbiana KY41562606
Shelby Gap KY41563606
Shelbyville KY40065, 40066502
Shepherdsville KY40165502
Sidney KY41564606
Siler KY40763606
Silver Grove KY41085859
Simpsonville KY40067502
Sitka KY41255606
Sizerock KY41762606
Slade KY40376606
Slaughters KY42456270
Slemp KY41763606
Smilax KY41764606
Smith Mills KY42457270
Smithfield KY40068502
Smithland KY42081270
Smiths Grove KY42171270
Soldier KY41173606
Somerset KY42501, 42502, 42503606
Sonora KY42776270
South Carrollton KY42374270
South Portsmouth KY41174606
South Shore KY41175606
South Union KY42283270
South Williamson KY41503606
Sparta KY41086859
Spottsville KY42458270
Springfield KY40069859
Staffordsville KY41256606
Stambaugh KY41257606
Stamping Ground KY40379502
Stanford KY40484606
Stanley KY42375502
Stanton KY40380606
Stanville KY41659606
Stearns KY42647606
Steele KY41566606
Stephensport KY40170270
Stinnett KY40868606
Stone KY41567606
Stoney Fork KY40988606
Stopover KY41568606
Strunk KY42649606
Sturgis KY42459270
Sullivan KY42460270
Sulphur KY40070502
Summer Shade KY42166270
Summersville KY42782270
Sweeden KY42285270
Symsonia KY42082270
Tateville KY42558606
Taylorsville KY40071502
Teaberry KY41660606
Thelma KY41260606
Thornton KY41855606
Thousandsticks KY41766606
Tiline KY42083270
Tollesboro KY41189606
Tolu KY42084270
Tomahawk KY41262606
Tompkinsville KY42167270
Topmost KY41862606
Totz KY40870606
Tram KY41663606
Trenton KY42286270
Trosper KY40995606
Turners Station KY40075502
Tutor Key KY41263606
Tyner KY40486606
Ulysses KY41264606
Union KY41091859
Union Star KY40171502
Uniontown KY42461270
Upton KY42784270
Utica KY42376270
Van Lear KY41265606
Vanceburg KY41179606
Vancleve KY41385606
Varney KY41571606
Verona KY41092859
Versailles KY40383, 40384, 40386859
Vest KY41772606
Vicco KY41773606
Vincent KY41386606
Vine Grove KY40175270
Viper KY41774606
Virgie KY41572606
Waco KY40385859
Waddy KY40076502
Walker KY40997606
Wallingford KY41093606
Wallins Creek KY40873606
Walton KY41094859
Waneta KY40488606
Warbranch KY40874606
Warfield KY41267606
Warsaw KY41095859
Washington KY41096606
Water Valley KY42085270
Waverly KY42462270
Wayland KY41666606
Waynesburg KY40489606
Webbville KY41180606
Webster KY40176270
Weeksbury KY41667606
Welchs Creek KY42287270
Wellington KY40387606
Wendover KY41775606
West Liberty KY41472606
West Louisville KY42377270
West Paducah KY42086270
West Point KY40177502
West Somerset KY42564606
West Van Lear KY41268606
Westport KY40077502
Westview KY40178270
Wheatcroft KY42463270
Wheelwright KY41669606
Whick KY41390606
White Mills KY42788270
White Plains KY42464270
Whitesburg KY41858606
Whitesville KY42378270
Whitley City KY42653606
Wickliffe KY42087270
Wildie KY40492606
Willard KY41181606
Williamsburg KY40769606
Williamsport KY41271606
Williamstown KY41097859
Willisburg KY40078859
Wilmore KY40390859
Winchester KY40391, 40392859
Windsor KY42565270
Wingo KY42088270
Winston KY40495606
Wittensville KY41274606
Woodbine KY40771606
Woodburn KY42170270
Woodbury KY42288270
Wooton KY41776606
Worthington KY41183606
Worthville KY41098502
Wrigley KY41477606
Yeaddiss KY41777606
Yerkes KY41778606
Yosemite KY42566606
Zoe KY41397606