Drug Testing 2-Part Result Form - Photocopy Template Information

Photocopy Template

We offer 3 different types of internal use forms to record employee drug test results

  1. Paper 2-Part Result Form for Urine or Saliva employment drug tests.
  2. PDF version of the 2-Part Result Form for Urine or Saliva employment drug tests.
  3. Photocopy Template (available for iCup and iScreen OFD drug tests only)


2-Part Result Form

Our employee drug testing result forms come in both Paper and PDF versions. The form was created by the manufacturer in order to provide drug testing program administrators with an easy method for record keeping.

Paper Version: The paper version is a 2-Part form which provides a carbonless copy and is available at no cost during the purchase of our employee drug testing kits or at cost if ordered on its own after purchase. The paper carbonless copy version ensures that the copy is exactly the same as the original.

PDF Version: Employee Drug Testing Ace created a PDF version of the paper 2-Part Result Form which can be edited to provide a bit more flexibility during employment drug screening.

Primarily, the PDF form is designed to allow companies to complete the company information section on the form in advance. In most cases, this information is the same for every employee being drug tested and can save a substantial amount of time on a repetitive task. Once the company information is completed, the exact number of necessary forms for an employee drug testing cycle can be printed. Should copies be needed, it is recommended that after all the information has been completed, double checked for accuracy, and signed by the employee, a photocopy of the form be taken.

Secondarily, it is possible complete the PDF version of the form for each person being tested. An employee drug testing administrator can record the company as well as the employee’s information on the PDF form. Once completed and double checked for accuracy, the form can be printed for the employee to sign. The completed and signed form can then be photocopied as needed.

Caution: With either method you choose to use with the PDF forms, it is NEVER a good idea to print out two separate copies of the form and fill them out and sign them both. This method can lead to human error and ultimately lead to difficulties in a legal dispute.

Photocopy Template

The Photocopy Template differs slightly from the 2-Part Result Form in that there is a window which allows the user to copy the drug test results from the drug test kit directly onto the form. The template is available for iCup and iScreen OFD drug testing kits only. Our photocopy templates are available as hard copies or in digital form for download. Hard copies are made from thick paper and can be ordered free of charge during the order process.


How to complete a 2-Part Result Form or Photocopy Template

Step 1: Write in company and donor information.

Step 2: After the saliva sample or urine specimen is collected and the drug test device is sealed with a security seal the donor signs the form and provides their contact information. At this point a copy of the form is to be given to the donor who now may be dismissed.

Step 3: When the drug test results are available the collector fills in test details such as Lot # and Expiration Date and records the test results.

Step 4: The collector signs the form and records time and date of collection.




All PDF forms, documents and product information can be downloaded from our Employment Drug Testing Library (the largest and most complete library online).