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Acuity Accounting & Business Services strives to help our current and potential clients find resources for all of their business needs. As a result of this effort, we often discover services such as this one that you may need. We are happy to endorse Drug Testing Ace which provides high quality, cost effective drug and alcohol testing kits as well as both offsite and onsite drug testing services.

It has become increasingly important to improve organizational safety and to promote a drug and alcohol free work environment. We feel confident that you will be pleased with the superior quality and cost efficient products and services that you will find here.

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Instant Drug Testing Kits

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Drug Testing Services

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About our Onsite and Offsite Drug, Alcohol and Nicotine Testing Services:

  • Experience: Providing Drug, Alcohol and Nicotine Testing Services since 1994.
  • We cover DOT (Department of Transportation), Non-DOT, Pre-Employment, Employment, Random, Post Accident, Sports, Schools, alcohol drug testing and more.
  • Same day or one (1) business day Account Setup (excludes holidays and weekends). Register Now, Test within Minutes!
  • Our provider network includes the largest most highly accredited laboratories as well as regional and local alcohol and drug screening facilities.
  • All services come with SAMHSA Certified Confirmation at no extra charge.
  • Our volume business means we can provide top level service at better rates.
  • Highly professional Medical Review Officer (MRO) services available.
  • Instant drug, alcohol and nicotine testing is also available.
  • Ability to work with companies of any size, from the Fortune 500 to the local Mom & Pop store on the corner.
  • We offer centralized billing for decentralized offices – one company to manage all locations!
  • Drug, alcohol and nicotine testing is done by drug testing experts trained in forensic drug test specimen collection.
  • Our employment drug screening services are convenient, safe, secure and due to our large volume, cost effective and quite frankly, cheap!
  • Our provider network covers the entire USA, territories and military bases. In addition, we can provide coverage in many other countries around the world.
  • No Minimum Monthly Fees – No Hidden Fees.

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