Employment and Employee Drug Testing and Screening Library



Urine Drug Testing Kits

Generic Drug Test Cassette

Generic Drug Test Dip Card

Generic Drug Test Dip Card AD



iCup AD

iScreen Multi Clin

iScreen One Step

iScreen One Step DX

Key Cup

Key Cup AD

Fentanyl Generic Dip Card

Saliva Drug Screening Kits

Tcube Saliva Drug Testing Kit Information

Generic Oral

iScreen OFD



Alcohol Drug Test Kits


AlcoScreen 02

AlcoScreen Reg

Breath Scan

QED A150



Bluing Tablets


iScreen AD Strips

QED A150 Controls


Forms & Templates


FDA 510k Clearance Documents

If you are in need of the 510k Certification for this product, please contact us and will forward the correct certificates to you.

Miscellaneous Resources

Article published by the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER)

Web-Resources by the Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP)

Also see our Resource Section and Employee Drug Testing Guide


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Drug Testing Charts

Drug Detection Times & Cut-off Levels

Drug Information Chart

Cheat Protection Chart

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