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    • 24/7/365 Tennessee Call Center for All Drug Alcohol Testing Services (after sign up): Call toll free and talk with a trained representative fast day or night about your drug alcohol testing and screening needs anytime.
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    • 24/7/365 Post Accident Drug and Alcohol Screening Services available in TN: Toll-free post accident hotline 24/7, One Standard Fee + mileage /no hidden fees, no matter how remote the drug alcohol test location.
    • Complete Tennessee Drug Alcohol Testing Coverage: Full Pre Employment and Employment Drug and Alcohol Testing Including: RandomReasonable SuspicionPost Accident / Post Crash drug and alcohol testing. We also cover government – courts – prisons – DOT, non DOT, athletes, schools plus select International locations, US Territories, and Military Bases. USA alcohol drug testing services coverage info here.
    • Alcohol Testing: We also offer advanced alcohol urine testing including an EtG alcohol test that allows a longer detection period.
    • Tennessee DOT Organizations: If you are DOT regulated, we have you covered with drug and alcohol testing programs designed just for you! We can administer and manage your DOT alcohol and drug testing / screening program for you or just assist. Learn more

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    Our Alcohol Drug Screening Facilities in Tennessee cover these areas:

    Our Alcohol Drug Screening Facilities in Tennessee.
    CityZip CodesArea Codes
    Adams TN37010615
    Adamsville TN38310731
    Afton TN37616423
    Alamo TN38001731
    Alcoa TN37701865
    Alexandria TN37012615
    Allardt TN38504931
    Allons TN38541931
    Allred TN38542931
    Alpine TN38543931
    Altamont TN37301931
    Andersonville TN37705865
    Antioch TN37011, 37013615
    Apison TN37302423
    Ardmore TN38449931
    Arlington TN38002901
    Arnold A F B TN37389931
    Arrington TN37014615
    Arthur TN37707423
    Ashland City TN37015615
    Athens TN37303, 37371423
    Atoka TN38004901
    Atwood TN38220731
    Auburntown TN37016615
    Bakewell TN37304423
    Bath Springs TN38311731
    Baxter TN38544931
    Bean Station TN37708865
    Beech Bluff TN38313731
    Beechgrove TN37018931
    Beersheba Springs TN37305931
    Belfast TN37019931
    Bell Buckle TN37020615, 931
    Bells TN38006731
    Belvidere TN37306931
    Benton TN37307423
    Bethel Springs TN38315731
    Bethpage TN37022615
    Big Rock TN37023931
    Big Sandy TN38221731
    Birchwood TN37308423
    Blaine TN37709865
    Bloomington Springs TN38545931
    Blountville TN37617423
    Bluff City TN37618423
    Bogota TN38007901
    Bolivar TN38008731
    Bon Aqua TN37025931
    Braden TN38010901
    Bradford TN38316731
    Bradyville TN37026615
    Brentwood TN37024, 37027615
    Briceville TN37710865
    Brighton TN38011901
    Bristol TN37620, 37621, 37625423
    Brownsville TN38012731
    Bruceton TN38317731
    Brunswick TN38014901
    Brush Creek TN38547615
    Buchanan TN38222731
    Buena Vista TN38318731
    Buffalo Valley TN38548931
    Bulls Gap TN37711423
    Bumpus Mills TN37028931
    Burlison TN38015901
    Burns TN37029615
    Butler TN37640423
    Bybee TN37713423
    Byrdstown TN38549931
    Calhoun TN37309423
    Camden TN38320731
    Campaign TN38550931
    Carthage TN37030615
    Caryville TN37714423
    Castalian Springs TN37031615
    Cedar Grove TN38321731
    Cedar Hill TN37032615
    Celina TN38551931
    Centerville TN37033931
    Chapel Hill TN37034931
    Chapmansboro TN37035615
    Charleston TN37310423
    Charlotte TN37036615
    Chattanooga TN37401, 37402, 37403, 37404, 37405, 37406, 37407, 37408, 37409, 37410, 37411, 37412, 37414, 37415, 37416, 37419, 37421, 37422, 37424, 37450423
    Chestnut Mound TN38552615
    Chewalla TN38393731
    Christiana TN37037615
    Chuckey TN37641423
    Church Hill TN37642423
    Clairfield TN37715423
    Clarkrange TN38553931
    Clarksburg TN38324731
    Clarksville TN37040, 37041, 37042, 37043, 37044615, 931
    Cleveland TN37311, 37312, 37320, 37323, 37364423
    Clifton TN38425931
    Clinton TN37716, 37717865
    Coalfield TN37719865
    Coalmont TN37313615
    Cokercreek TN37314423
    College Grove TN37046615
    Collegedale TN37315423
    Collierville TN38017, 38027901
    Collinwood TN38450931
    Columbia TN38401, 38402931
    Como TN38223731
    Conasauga TN37316423
    Cookeville TN38501, 38502, 38503, 38505, 38506931
    Copperhill TN37317423
    Cordova TN38016, 38018, 38088901
    Cornersville TN37047931
    Corryton TN37721865
    Cosby TN37722423
    Cottage Grove TN38224731
    Cottontown TN37048615
    Counce TN38326731
    Covington TN38019901
    Cowan TN37318931
    Crab Orchard TN37723931
    Crawford TN38554931
    Crockett Mills TN38021731
    Cross Plains TN37049615
    Crossville TN38555, 38557, 38558, 38571, 38572931
    Crump TN38327731
    Culleoka TN38451931
    Cumberland City TN37050931
    Cumberland Furnace TN37051615
    Cumberland Gap TN37724423
    Cunningham TN37052615, 931
    Cypress Inn TN38452931
    Dandridge TN37725865
    Darden TN38328731
    Dayton TN37321423
    Decatur TN37322423
    Decaturville TN38329731
    Decherd TN37324931
    Deer Lodge TN37726423
    Del Rio TN37727423
    Delano TN37325423
    Dellrose TN38453931
    Denmark TN38391731
    Dickson TN37055, 37056615
    Dixon Springs TN37057615
    Dover TN37058931
    Dowelltown TN37059615
    Doyle TN38559931
    Dresden TN38225731
    Drummonds TN38023901
    Duck River TN38454931
    Ducktown TN37326423
    Duff TN37729423
    Dukedom TN38226731
    Dunlap TN37327423
    Dyer TN38330731
    Dyersburg TN38024, 38025731
    Eads TN38028901
    Eagan TN37730423
    Eagleville TN37060615
    Eaton TN38331731
    Eidson TN37731423
    Elgin TN37732423
    Elizabethton TN37643, 37644423
    Elkton TN38455615
    Ellendale TN38029901
    Elmwood TN38560615
    Elora TN37328931
    Englewood TN37329423
    Enville TN38332731
    Erin TN37061931
    Erwin TN37650423
    Estill Springs TN37330931
    Ethridge TN38456931
    Etowah TN37331423
    Eva TN38333731
    Evensville TN37332423
    Fairview TN37062615
    Fall Branch TN37656423
    Farner TN37333423
    Fayetteville TN37334931
    Finger TN38334731
    Finley TN38030731
    Five Points TN38457931
    Flag Pond TN37657423
    Flintville TN37335931
    Fosterville TN37063615
    Frankewing TN38459931
    Franklin TN37064, 37065, 37067, 37068, 37069615
    Friendship TN38034731
    Friendsville TN37737865
    Fruitvale TN38336901
    Gadsden TN38337731
    Gainesboro TN38562931
    Gallatin TN37066615
    Gallaway TN38036901
    Gates TN38037731
    Gatlinburg TN37738865
    Georgetown TN37336423
    Germantown TN38138, 38139, 38183901
    Gibson TN38338731
    Gladeville TN37071615
    Gleason TN38229731
    Goodlettsville TN37070, 37072615
    Goodspring TN38460931
    Gordonsville TN38563615
    Grand Junction TN38039731, 901
    Grandview TN37337423
    Granville TN38564931
    Graysville TN37338423
    Greenback TN37742865
    Greenbrier TN37073615
    Greeneville TN37743, 37744, 37745423
    Greenfield TN38230731
    Grimsley TN38565931
    Gruetli Laager TN37339615
    Guild TN37340423
    Guys TN38339731
    Halls TN38040731
    Hampshire TN38461931
    Hampton TN37658423
    Harriman TN37748865
    Harrison TN37341423
    Harrogate TN37752423
    Hartford TN37753423
    Hartsville TN37074615
    Heiskell TN37754865
    Helenwood TN37755423
    Henderson TN38340731
    Hendersonville TN37075, 37077615
    Henning TN38041731
    Henry TN38231731
    Hermitage TN37076615
    Hickman TN38567615
    Hickory Valley TN38042731
    Hilham TN38568931
    Hillsboro TN37342931
    Hixson TN37343423
    Hohenwald TN38462931
    Holladay TN38341731
    Hollow Rock TN38342731
    Hornbeak TN38232731
    Hornsby TN38044731
    Humboldt TN38343731
    Huntingdon TN38344731
    Huntland TN37345931
    Huntsville TN37756423
    Huron TN38345731
    Hurricane Mills TN37078931
    Idlewild TN38346731
    Indian Mound TN37079931
    Iron City TN38463931
    Jacks Creek TN38347731
    Jacksboro TN37757423
    Jackson TN38301, 38302, 38303, 38305, 38308, 38314731
    Jamestown TN38556931
    Jasper TN37347423
    Jefferson City TN37760865
    Jellico TN37762423
    Joelton TN37080615
    Johnson City TN37601, 37602, 37604, 37605, 37614, 37615423
    Jonesborough TN37659423
    Kelso TN37348931
    Kenton TN38233731
    Kingsport TN37660, 37662, 37663, 37664, 37665, 37669423
    Kingston TN37763865
    Kingston Springs TN37082615
    Knoxville TN37901, 37902, 37909, 37912, 37914, 37915, 37916, 37917, 37918, 37919, 37920, 37921, 37922, 37923, 37924, 37927, 37928, 37929, 37930, 37931, 37932, 37933, 37934, 37938, 37939, 37940, 37950, 37990, 37995, 37996, 37997, 37998865
    Kodak TN37764865
    Kyles Ford TN37765423
    La Follette TN37766423
    La Grange TN38046901
    La Vergne TN37086, 37089615
    Laconia TN38045901
    Lafayette TN37083615
    Lake City TN37769865
    Lancaster TN38569615
    Lancing TN37770423
    Lascassas TN37085615
    Laurel Bloomery TN37680423
    Lavinia TN38348731
    Lawrenceburg TN38464931
    Lebanon TN37087, 37088, 37090615
    Lenoir City TN37771, 37772865
    Lenox TN38047731
    Leoma TN38468931
    Lewisburg TN37091931
    Lexington TN38351731
    Liberty TN37095615
    Limestone TN37681423
    Linden TN37096931
    Livingston TN38570931
    Lobelville TN37097931
    Lone Mountain TN37773423
    Lookout Mountain TN37350423
    Loretto TN38469931
    Loudon TN37774865
    Louisville TN37777865
    Lowland TN37778423
    Lupton City TN37351423
    Luray TN38352731
    Luttrell TN37779865
    Lutts TN38471931
    Lyles TN37098615, 931
    Lynchburg TN37352931
    Lynnville TN38472931
    Macon TN38048901
    Madison TN37115, 37116615
    Madisonville TN37354423
    Manchester TN37349, 37355931
    Mansfield TN38236731
    Martin TN38237, 38238731
    Maryville TN37801, 37802, 37803, 37804865
    Mascot TN37806865
    Mason TN38049901
    Maury City TN38050731
    Maynardville TN37807865
    Mc Donald TN37353423
    Mc Ewen TN37101931
    Mc Kenzie TN38201731
    Mc Lemoresville TN38235731
    Mc Minnville TN37110, 37111931
    Medina TN38355731
    Medon TN38356731
    Memphis TN37501, 37544, 38101, 38103, 38104, 38105, 38106, 38107, 38108, 38109, 38110, 38111, 38112, 38113, 38114, 38115, 38116, 38117, 38118, 38119, 38120, 38122, 38124, 38125, 38126, 38127, 38128, 38130, 38131, 38132, 38133, 38134, 38135, 38136, 38137, 38141, 38142, 38145, 38147, 38148, 38150, 38151, 38152, 38157, 38159, 38161, 38163, 38165, 38166, 38167, 38168, 38173, 38174, 38175, 38177, 38181, 38182, 38184, 38186, 38187, 38188, 38190, 38193, 38194, 38197901
    Mercer TN38392731
    Michie TN38357731
    Middleton TN38052731
    Midway TN37809423
    Milan TN38358731
    Milledgeville TN38359731
    Milligan College TN37682423
    Millington TN38053, 38054, 38055, 38083901
    Milton TN37118615
    Minor Hill TN38473931
    Mitchellville TN37119615
    Mohawk TN37810423
    Monroe TN38573931
    Monteagle TN37356931
    Monterey TN38574931
    Mooresburg TN37811423
    Morris Chapel TN38361731
    Morrison TN37357931
    Morristown TN37813, 37814, 37815, 37816423, 865
    Moscow TN38057901
    Mosheim TN37818423
    Moss TN38575931
    Mount Carmel TN37645423
    Mount Juliet TN37121, 37122615
    Mount Pleasant TN38474931
    Mountain City TN37683423
    Mountain Home TN37684423
    Mulberry TN37359931
    Munford TN38058901
    Murfreesboro TN37127, 37128, 37129, 37130, 37131, 37132, 37133615
    Nashville TN37201, 37202, 37203, 37204, 37205, 37206, 37207, 37208, 37209, 37210, 37211, 37212, 37213, 37214, 37215, 37216, 37217, 37218, 37219, 37220, 37221, 37222, 37224, 37227, 37228, 37229, 37230, 37232, 37234, 37235, 37236, 37237, 37238, 37240, 37241, 37242, 37243, 37244, 37245, 37246, 37247, 37248, 37249, 37250615
    New Johnsonville TN37134931
    New Market TN37820865
    New Tazewell TN37824, 37825423
    Newbern TN38059731
    Newcomb TN37819423
    Newport TN37821, 37822423, 865
    Niota TN37826423
    Nolensville TN37135615
    Norene TN37136615
    Normandy TN37360931
    Norris TN37828865
    Nunnelly TN37137931
    Oak Ridge TN37830, 37831865
    Oakdale TN37829423
    Oakfield TN38362731
    Oakland TN38060901
    Obion TN38240731
    Ocoee TN37361423
    Old Hickory TN37138615
    Oldfort TN37362423
    Olivehill TN38475731
    Oliver Springs TN37840423, 865
    Oneida TN37841423
    Only TN37140615
    Ooltewah TN37363423
    Orlinda TN37141615
    Pall Mall TN38577931
    Palmer TN37365931
    Palmersville TN38241731
    Palmyra TN37142931
    Paris TN38242731
    Parrottsville TN37843423
    Parsons TN38363731
    Pegram TN37143615
    Pelham TN37366931
    Petersburg TN37144931
    Petros TN37845423
    Philadelphia TN37846865
    Pickwick Dam TN38365731
    Pigeon Forge TN37863, 37868865
    Pikeville TN37367423
    Piney Flats TN37686, 37699423
    Pinson TN38366731
    Pioneer TN37847423
    Pleasant Hill TN38578931
    Pleasant Shade TN37145615
    Pleasant View TN37146615
    Pocahontas TN38061731
    Portland TN37148615
    Powder Springs TN37848615
    Powell TN37849865
    Primm Springs TN38476931
    Prospect TN38477931
    Pruden TN37851423
    Pulaski TN38478931
    Puryear TN38251731
    Quebeck TN38579931
    Ramer TN38367731
    Readyville TN37149615
    Reagan TN38368731
    Red Boiling Springs TN37150615
    Reliance TN37369423
    Riceville TN37370423
    Rickman TN38580931
    Riddleton TN37151615
    Ridgely TN38080731
    Ridgetop TN37152615
    Ripley TN38063731
    Rives TN38253731
    Roan Mountain TN37687423
    Robbins TN37852423
    Rock Island TN38581931
    Rockford TN37853865
    Rockvale TN37153615
    Rockwood TN37854865
    Rogersville TN37857423
    Rossville TN38066901
    Rugby TN37733423
    Russellville TN37860423
    Rutherford TN38369731
    Rutledge TN37861865
    Saint Joseph TN38481931
    Sale Creek TN37373423
    Saltillo TN38370731
    Samburg TN38254731
    Santa Fe TN38482931
    Sardis TN38371731
    Saulsbury TN38067731
    Savannah TN38372731
    Scotts Hill TN38374731
    Selmer TN38375731
    Sequatchie TN37374423
    Sevierville TN37862, 37864, 37876865
    Sewanee TN37375, 37383931
    Seymour TN37865865
    Shady Valley TN37688423
    Sharon TN38255731
    Sharps Chapel TN37866865
    Shawanee TN37867423
    Shelbyville TN37160, 37161, 37162931
    Sherwood TN37376615
    Shiloh TN38376731
    Signal Mountain TN37377423
    Silerton TN38377901
    Silver Point TN38582931
    Slayden TN37165615
    Smartt TN37378615
    Smithville TN37166615
    Smyrna TN37167615
    Sneedville TN37869423
    Soddy Daisy TN37379, 37384423
    Somerville TN38068901
    South Fulton TN38257731
    South Pittsburg TN37380423
    Southside TN37171931
    Sparta TN38583931
    Speedwell TN37870423
    Spencer TN38585931
    Spring City TN37381423
    Spring Creek TN38378731
    Spring Hill TN37174615, 931
    Springfield TN37172615
    Springville TN38256731
    Stanton TN38069731
    Stantonville TN38379731
    Stewart TN37175931
    Strawberry Plains TN37871865
    Sugar Tree TN38380731
    Summertown TN38483931
    Summitville TN37382931
    Sunbright TN37872423
    Surgoinsville TN37873423
    Sweetwater TN37874423, 865
    Taft TN38488931
    Talbott TN37877423
    Tallassee TN37878865
    Tazewell TN37879423
    Telford TN37690423
    Tellico Plains TN37385423
    Ten Mile TN37880423
    Tennessee Ridge TN37178931
    Thompsons Station TN37179615
    Thorn Hill TN37881865
    Tigrett TN38070731
    Tipton TN38071731
    Tiptonville TN38079731
    Toone TN38381731
    Townsend TN37882865
    Tracy City TN37387931
    Trade TN37691423
    Trenton TN38382731
    Trezevant TN38258731
    Trimble TN38259731
    Troy TN38260731
    Tullahoma TN37388931
    Turtletown TN37391423
    Unicoi TN37692423
    Union City TN38261, 38281731
    Unionville TN37180931
    Vanleer TN37181615, 931
    Viola TN37394931
    Vonore TN37885423
    Walland TN37886865
    Walling TN38587931
    Wartburg TN37887423
    Wartrace TN37183931
    Washburn TN37888865
    Watauga TN37694423
    Watertown TN37184615
    Waverly TN37185931
    Waynesboro TN38485931
    Westmoreland TN37186615
    Westpoint TN38486931
    Westport TN38387731
    White Bluff TN37187615
    White House TN37188615
    White Pine TN37890865
    Whites Creek TN37189615
    Whitesburg TN37891423
    Whiteside TN37396423
    Whiteville TN38075731, 901
    Whitleyville TN38588931
    Whitwell TN37397423
    Wilder TN38589615
    Wildersville TN38388731
    Williamsport TN38487931
    Williston TN38076901
    Winchester TN37398931
    Winfield TN37892423
    Woodbury TN37190615
    Woodland Mills TN38271731
    Woodlawn TN37191931
    Wynnburg TN38077731
    Yorkville TN38389731
    Yuma TN38390731

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