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    • 24/7/365 Oklahoma Call Center for All Drug Alcohol Testing Services (after sign up): Call toll free and talk with a trained representative fast day or night about your drug alcohol testing and screening needs anytime.
    • 24/7/365 Mobile/Onsite/TPA Alcohol and Drug Testing Services (after sign up): We can come to you or send your employees to locations of your choice. We can help with Pre Employment, Reasonable Suspicion, Post Accident, and Random alcohol and drug testing any time, day or night in Oklahoma. Learn More
    • 24/7/365 Post Accident Drug and Alcohol Screening Services available in OK: Toll-free post accident hotline 24/7, One Standard Fee + mileage /no hidden fees, no matter how remote the drug alcohol test location.
    • Complete Oklahoma Drug Alcohol Testing Coverage: Full Pre Employment and Employment Drug and Alcohol Testing Including: RandomReasonable SuspicionPost Accident / Post Crash drug and alcohol testing. We also cover government – courts – prisons – DOT, non DOT, athletes, schools plus select International locations, US Territories, and Military Bases. USA alcohol drug testing services coverage info here.
    • Alcohol Testing: We also offer advanced alcohol urine testing including an EtG alcohol test that allows a longer detection period.
    • Oklahoma DOT Organizations: If you are DOT regulated, we have you covered with drug and alcohol testing programs designed just for you! We can administer and manage your DOT alcohol and drug testing / screening program for you or just assist. Learn more

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    Our Alcohol Drug Screening Facilities in Oklahoma cover these areas:

    Our Alcohol Drug Screening Facilities in Oklahoma.
    CityZip CodesArea Codes
    Achille OK74720580
    Ada OK74820, 74821580
    Adair OK74330918
    Adams OK73901580
    Addington OK73520580
    Afton OK74331918
    Agra OK74824918
    Albany OK74721580
    Albert OK73001405
    Albion OK74521918
    Alderson OK74522918
    Alex OK73002405
    Aline OK73716580
    Allen OK74825580
    Altus OK73521, 73522580
    Altus Afb OK73523580
    Alva OK73717580
    Amber OK73004405
    Ames OK73718580
    Amorita OK73719580
    Anadarko OK73005405
    Antlers OK74523580
    Apache OK73006580
    Arapaho OK73620580
    Arcadia OK73007405
    Ardmore OK73401, 73402, 73403580
    Arkoma OK74901918
    Arnett OK73832580
    Asher OK74826405
    Atoka OK74525580
    Atwood OK74827580
    Avant OK74001918
    Balko OK73931580
    Barnsdall OK74002918
    Bartlesville OK74003, 74004, 74005, 74006918
    Battiest OK74722580
    Beaver OK73932580
    Beggs OK74421918
    Bennington OK74723580
    Bessie OK73622580
    Bethany OK73008405
    Bethel OK74724580
    Big Cabin OK74332918
    Billings OK74630580
    Binger OK73009405
    Bison OK73720580
    Bixby OK74008918
    Blackwell OK74631580
    Blair OK73526580
    Blanchard OK73010405
    Blanco OK74528918
    Blocker OK74529918
    Bluejacket OK74333918
    Boise City OK73933580
    Bokchito OK74726580
    Bokoshe OK74930918
    Boley OK74829918
    Boswell OK74727580
    Bowlegs OK74830405
    Boynton OK74422918
    Bradley OK73011405
    Braggs OK74423, 74439918
    Braman OK74632580
    Bristow OK74010918
    Broken Arrow OK74011, 74012, 74013, 74014918
    Broken Bow OK74728580
    Bromide OK74530580
    Buffalo OK73834580
    Bunch OK74931918
    Burbank OK74633918
    Burlington OK73722580
    Burneyville OK73430580
    Burns Flat OK73624580
    Butler OK73625580
    Byars OK74831405
    Cache OK73527580
    Caddo OK74729580
    Calera OK74730580
    Calumet OK73014405
    Calvin OK74531405, 580
    Camargo OK73835580
    Cameron OK74932918
    Canadian OK74425918
    Caney OK74533580
    Canton OK73724580
    Canute OK73626580
    Cardin OK74335580
    Carmen OK73726580
    Carnegie OK73015580
    Carney OK74832405
    Carrier OK73727580
    Carter OK73627580
    Cartwright OK74731580
    Cashion OK73016405
    Castle OK74833918
    Catoosa OK74015918
    Cement OK73017405
    Centrahoma OK74534580
    Chandler OK74834405
    Chattanooga OK73528580
    Checotah OK74426918
    Chelsea OK74016918
    Cherokee OK73728580
    Chester OK73838580
    Cheyenne OK73628580
    Chickasha OK73018, 73023405
    Choctaw OK73020405
    Chouteau OK74337918
    Claremore OK74017, 74018, 74019918
    Clarita OK74535580
    Clayton OK74536918
    Cleo Springs OK73729580
    Cleveland OK74020918
    Clinton OK73601580
    Coalgate OK74538580
    Colbert OK74733580
    Colcord OK74338918
    Coleman OK73432580
    Collinsville OK74021918
    Colony OK73021405
    Comanche OK73529580
    Commerce OK74339918
    Concho OK73022405
    Connerville OK74836580
    Cookson OK74427918
    Copan OK74022918
    Cordell OK73632580
    Corn OK73024580
    Council Hill OK74428918
    Countyline OK73425580
    Covington OK73730580
    Coweta OK74429918
    Coyle OK73027405
    Crawford OK73638580
    Crescent OK73028405
    Cromwell OK74837405
    Crowder OK74430918
    Cushing OK74023918
    Custer City OK73639580
    Cyril OK73029580
    Dacoma OK73731580
    Daisy OK74540580
    Davenport OK74026918
    Davidson OK73530580
    Davis OK73030, 73039580
    Deer Creek OK74636580
    Delaware OK74027918
    Depew OK74028918
    Devol OK73531580
    Dewar OK74431918
    Dewey OK74029918
    Dibble OK73031405
    Dill City OK73641580
    Disney OK74340918
    Dougherty OK73032580
    Douglas OK73733580
    Dover OK73734405
    Drummond OK73735580
    Drumright OK74030918
    Duke OK73532580
    Duncan OK73533, 73534, 73536580
    Durant OK74701, 74702580
    Durham OK73642580
    Dustin OK74839918
    Eagletown OK74734580
    Eakly OK73033405
    Earlsboro OK74840405
    Edmond OK73003, 73012, 73013, 73025, 73034, 73083405
    El Reno OK73036405
    Eldorado OK73537580
    Elgin OK73538580
    Elk City OK73644, 73648580
    Elmer OK73539580
    Elmore City OK73433580
    Enid OK73701, 73702, 73703, 73705, 73706580
    Erick OK73645580
    Eucha OK74342918
    Eufaula OK74432918
    Fairfax OK74637918
    Fairland OK74343918
    Fairmont OK73736580
    Fairview OK73737580
    Fanshawe OK74935918
    Fargo OK73840580
    Farris OK74542580
    Faxon OK73540580
    Fay OK73646580
    Felt OK73937580
    Finley OK74543580
    Fittstown OK74842580
    Fitzhugh OK74843580
    Fletcher OK73541580
    Forgan OK73938580
    Fort Cobb OK73038405
    Fort Gibson OK74434918
    Fort Sill OK73503580
    Fort Supply OK73841580
    Fort Towson OK74735580
    Foss OK73647580
    Foster OK73434580
    Fox OK73435580
    Foyil OK74031918
    Francis OK74844580
    Frederick OK73542580
    Freedom OK73842580
    Gage OK73843580
    Gans OK74936918
    Garber OK73738580
    Garvin OK74736580
    Gate OK73844580
    Geary OK73040405
    Gene Autry OK73436580
    Geronimo OK73543580
    Glencoe OK74032580
    Glenpool OK74033918
    Golden OK74737580
    Goltry OK73739580
    Goodwell OK73939580
    Gore OK74435918
    Gotebo OK73041580
    Gould OK73544580
    Gowen OK74545918
    Gracemont OK73042405
    Graham OK73437580
    Grandfield OK73546580
    Granite OK73547580
    Grant OK74738580
    Greenfield OK73043580
    Grove OK74344, 74345918
    Guthrie OK73044405
    Guymon OK73942580
    Haileyville OK74546918
    Hallett OK74034918
    Hammon OK73650580
    Hanna OK74845918
    Hardesty OK73944580
    Harrah OK73045405
    Hartshorne OK74547918
    Haskell OK74436918
    Hastings OK73548580
    Haworth OK74740580
    Headrick OK73549580
    Healdton OK73438580
    Heavener OK74937918
    Helena OK73741580
    Hendrix OK74741580
    Hennepin OK73444580
    Hennessey OK73742405
    Henryetta OK74437918
    Hillsdale OK73743580
    Hinton OK73047405
    Hitchcock OK73744580
    Hitchita OK74438918
    Hobart OK73651580
    Hodgen OK74939918
    Holdenville OK74848405
    Hollis OK73550580
    Hollister OK73551580
    Hominy OK74035918
    Hooker OK73945580
    Hopeton OK73746580
    Howe OK74940918
    Hoyt OK74440918
    Hugo OK74743580
    Hulbert OK74441918
    Hunter OK74640580
    Hydro OK73048405
    Idabel OK74745580
    Indiahoma OK73552580
    Indianola OK74442918
    Inola OK74036918
    Isabella OK73747580
    Jay OK74346918
    Jenks OK74037918
    Jennings OK74038918
    Jet OK73749580
    Jones OK73049405
    Kansas OK74347918
    Kaw City OK74641580
    Kellyville OK74039918
    Kemp OK74747405
    Kenefic OK74748580
    Kenton OK73946580
    Keota OK74941918
    Ketchum OK74349918
    Keyes OK73947580
    Kiamichi Christian Mission OK74549580
    Kiefer OK74041918
    Kingfisher OK73750405
    Kingston OK73439580
    Kinta OK74552918
    Kiowa OK74553918
    Konawa OK74849580
    Krebs OK74554918
    Kremlin OK73753580
    Lahoma OK73754580
    Lamar OK74850405
    Lamont OK74643580
    Lane OK74555580
    Langley OK74350918
    Langston OK73050405
    Laverne OK73848580
    Lawton OK73501, 73502, 73505, 73506, 73507580
    Lebanon OK73440580
    Leedey OK73654580
    Leflore OK74942918
    Lehigh OK74556580
    Lenapah OK74042918
    Leon OK73441580
    Leonard OK74043918
    Lequire OK74943918
    Lexington OK73051405
    Lindsay OK73052405
    Loco OK73442580
    Locust Grove OK74352918
    Lone Grove OK73443580
    Lone Wolf OK73655580
    Longdale OK73755580
    Lookeba OK73053405
    Loveland OK73553405
    Loyal OK73756405
    Lucien OK73757580
    Luther OK73054405
    Macomb OK74852405
    Madill OK73446580
    Manchester OK73758580
    Mangum OK73554580
    Manitou OK73555580
    Mannford OK74044918
    Mannsville OK73447580
    Maramec OK74045918
    Marble City OK74945918
    Marietta OK73448580
    Marland OK74644580
    Marlow OK73055580
    Marshall OK73056580
    Martha OK73556580
    Maud OK74854405
    May OK73851580
    Maysville OK73057405
    Mcalester OK74501, 74502918
    Mccurtain OK74944918
    Mcloud OK74851405
    Mead OK73449580
    Medford OK73759580
    Medicine Park OK73557580
    Meeker OK74855405
    Meers OK73558405
    Meno OK73760580
    Meridian OK73058405
    Miami OK74354, 74355918
    Milburn OK73450580
    Milfay OK74046918
    Mill Creek OK74856580
    Millerton OK74750580
    Minco OK73059405
    Moffett OK74946918
    Monroe OK74947918
    Moodys OK74444918
    Mooreland OK73852580
    Morris OK74445918
    Morrison OK73061580
    Mounds OK74047918
    Mountain Park OK73559580
    Mountain View OK73062580
    Moyers OK74557580
    Muldrow OK74948918
    Mulhall OK73063405
    Muse OK74949918
    Muskogee OK74401, 74402, 74403918
    Mustang OK73064405
    Mutual OK73853580
    Nardin OK74646580
    Nash OK73761580
    Nashoba OK74558918
    Newalla OK74857405
    Newcastle OK73065405
    Newkirk OK74647580
    Nicoma Park OK73066405
    Ninnekah OK73067405
    Noble OK73068405
    Norman OK73019, 73026, 73069, 73070, 73071, 73072405
    North Miami OK74358918
    Nowata OK74048918
    Oakhurst OK74050918
    Oaks OK74359918
    Oakwood OK73658580
    Ochelata OK74051918
    Oilton OK74052918
    Okarche OK73762405
    Okay OK74446918
    Okeene OK73763580
    Okemah OK74859918
    Oklahoma City OK73101, 73102, 73103, 73104, 73105, 73106, 73107, 73108, 73109, 73110, 73111, 73112, 73113, 73114, 73115, 73116, 73117, 73118, 73119, 73120, 73121, 73122, 73123, 73124, 73125, 73126, 73127, 73128, 73129, 73130, 73131, 73132, 73134, 73135, 73136, 73137, 73139, 73140, 73141, 73142, 73143, 73144, 73145, 73146, 73147, 73148, 73149, 73150, 73151, 73152, 73153, 73154, 73155, 73156, 73157, 73159, 73160, 73162, 73163, 73164, 73165, 73167, 73169, 73170, 73172, 73173, 73178, 73179, 73184, 73185, 73189, 73190, 73193, 73194, 73195, 73196, 73197, 73198, 73199405, 580
    Okmulgee OK74447918
    Oktaha OK74450918
    Olustee OK73560580
    Omega OK73764405
    Oologah OK74053918
    Orlando OK73073580
    Osage OK74054918
    Oscar OK73561405
    Overbrook OK73453580
    Owasso OK74055918
    Paden OK74860405
    Panama OK74951918
    Panola OK74559918
    Paoli OK73074405
    Park Hill OK74451918
    Pauls Valley OK73075405
    Pawhuska OK74056918
    Pawnee OK74058918
    Peggs OK74452918
    Perkins OK74059405
    Perry OK73077580
    Picher OK74360918
    Pickens OK74752580
    Piedmont OK73078405
    Pittsburg OK74560918
    Platter OK74753580
    Pocasset OK73079405
    Pocola OK74902918
    Ponca City OK74601, 74602, 74604580
    Pond Creek OK73766580
    Porter OK74454918
    Porum OK74455918
    Poteau OK74953918
    Prague OK74864405
    Preston OK74456918
    Proctor OK74457918
    Prue OK74060918
    Pryor OK74361, 74362918
    Purcell OK73080405
    Putnam OK73659580
    Quapaw OK74363918
    Quinton OK74561918
    Ralston OK74650918
    Ramona OK74061918
    Randlett OK73562580
    Ratliff City OK73481580
    Rattan OK74562580
    Ravia OK73455580
    Red Oak OK74563918
    Red Rock OK74651580
    Redbird OK74458918
    Rentiesville OK74459918
    Reydon OK73660580
    Ringling OK73456580
    Ringold OK74754580
    Ringwood OK73768580
    Ripley OK74062918
    Rocky OK73661580
    Roff OK74865580
    Roland OK74954918
    Roosevelt OK73564580
    Rose OK74364918
    Rosston OK73855580
    Rufe OK74755580
    Rush Springs OK73082580
    Ryan OK73565580
    S Coffeyville OK74072918
    Saint Louis OK74866405
    Salina OK74365918
    Sallisaw OK74955918
    Sand Springs OK74063918
    Sapulpa OK74066, 74067918
    Sasakwa OK74867405
    Savanna OK74565918
    Sawyer OK74756580
    Sayre OK73662580
    Schulter OK74460918
    Seiling OK73663580
    Seminole OK74818, 74868405
    Sentinel OK73664580
    Shady Point OK74956918
    Shamrock OK74068918
    Sharon OK73857580
    Shattuck OK73858580
    Shawnee OK74801, 74802, 74804405
    Shidler OK74652918
    Skiatook OK74070918
    Slick OK74071918
    Smithville OK74957580
    Snow OK74567580
    Snyder OK73566580
    Soper OK74759580
    Southard OK73770580
    Sparks OK74869918
    Spavinaw OK74366918
    Spencer OK73084405
    Spencerville OK74760580
    Sperry OK74073918
    Spiro OK74959918
    Springer OK73458580
    Sterling OK73567580
    Stidham OK74461918
    Stigler OK74462918
    Stillwater OK74074, 74075, 74076, 74077, 74078405
    Stilwell OK74960918
    Stonewall OK74871580
    Strang OK74367918
    Stratford OK74872580
    Stringtown OK74569580
    Stroud OK74079918
    Stuart OK74570918
    Sulphur OK73086580
    Sweetwater OK73666580
    Swink OK74761580
    Taft OK74463918
    Tahlequah OK74464, 74465918
    Talala OK74080918
    Talihina OK74571918
    Taloga OK73667580
    Tatums OK73487580
    Tecumseh OK74873405
    Temple OK73568580
    Terlton OK74081918
    Terral OK73569580
    Texhoma OK73949580
    Texola OK73668580
    Thackerville OK73459580
    Thomas OK73669580
    Tinker Afb OK405
    Tipton OK73570580
    Tishomingo OK73460580
    Tonkawa OK74653580
    Tryon OK74875918
    Tulsa OK74101, 74102, 74103, 74104, 74105, 74106, 74107, 74108, 74110, 74112, 74114, 74115, 74116, 74117, 74119, 74120, 74121, 74126, 74127, 74128, 74129, 74130, 74131, 74132, 74133, 74134, 74135, 74136, 74137, 74141, 74145, 74146, 74147, 74148, 74149, 74150, 74152, 74153, 74155, 74156, 74157, 74158, 74159, 74169, 74170, 74171, 74172, 74182, 74183, 74184, 74186, 74187, 74189, 74192, 74193, 74194918
    Tupelo OK74572580
    Turpin OK73950580
    Tuskahoma OK74574918
    Tussy OK73488580
    Tuttle OK73089405
    Twin Oaks OK74368918
    Tyrone OK73951580
    Union City OK73090405
    Valliant OK74764580
    Velma OK73491580
    Vera OK74082918
    Verden OK73092405
    Vian OK74962918
    Vici OK73859580
    Vinita OK74301918
    Vinson OK73571580
    Wagoner OK74467, 74477918
    Wainwright OK74468918
    Wakita OK73771580
    Walters OK73572580
    Wanette OK74878405
    Wann OK74083918
    Wapanucka OK73461580
    Wardville OK74576918
    Warner OK74469918
    Washington OK73093405
    Washita OK73094405
    Watonga OK73772580
    Watson OK74963918
    Watts OK74964918
    Waukomis OK73773580
    Waurika OK73573580
    Wayne OK73095405
    Waynoka OK73860580
    Weatherford OK73096580
    Webbers Falls OK74470918
    Welch OK74369918
    Weleetka OK74880405
    Welling OK74471918
    Wellston OK74881405
    Westville OK74965918
    Wetumka OK74883405
    Wewoka OK74884405
    Wheatland OK73097405
    Whitefield OK74472918
    Whitesboro OK74577918
    Wilburton OK74578918
    Willow OK73673580
    Wilson OK73463580
    Wister OK74966918
    Woodward OK73801, 73802580
    Wright City OK74766580
    Wyandotte OK74370918
    Wynnewood OK73098405
    Wynona OK74084918
    Yale OK74085918
    Yukon OK73085, 73099405

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