Onsite and Offsite Employment, Pre-Employment and Employee Drug Testing and Screening Information



On-site Employee Drug Testing offers the advantage of immediate unannounced, random employment drug testing and little employee absence or wait time for the collection and employee drug screening process.

There are two types of work place employee drug testing. The first utilizes a self-contained, one-step employee drug testing kit at the work place to provide rapid, reliable results, but which requires laboratory Confirmation or Confirmation with MRO services and retesting in the event of a positive or false positive reading.

The second type of work place employee drug testing utilizes a supervised specimen collection by a specimen collection expert such as an on-site Drug Test Technician (DTT) orThird Party Administrator (TPA) who is experienced in correctly collecting and processing the specimen. DTT’s are skilled with Chain of Custody (CoC) forms and procedures so that on-site employee drug testing is legally defensible in a Court of Law.


Off-site Employee Drug Testing involves employees leaving the job site to provide a drug test specimen to a separate drug test collection site. The employee drug test specimen is then sent to a certified employment drug screening laboratory for analysis.

The advantage of off-site drug testing is that it may be more convenient for the employer as well as provide more privacy and dignity to the employee. Off-site employee drug testing may result in lost work time, greater possibility for adulteration of an employee drug testing specimen and potential insurance liability should employees become involved in an accident on the way to or from a clinic or collection site.