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Alcohol test kits are available in either instant breath or saliva devices. Please view our listings for alcohol test kits below to find CLIA waived or DOT approved screens. Shopping in our One-Stop-Shop is convenient and fast. You will find great deals on all our alcohol test kits. The product pages provide detailed information to make it easy to find the alcohol test kits which suit your needs best. Onsite and offsite services are also available. You can choose from an extensive network of collection sites to send your applicants and employees to or a third party administrator can come directly to your location providing alcohol test kits and performing the testing for you. Please view our resource section for further information on alcohol test kits.

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Onsite and Offsite Services for Alcohol Test Kits

We can come to your location using the alcohol test kits of your choice to perform onsite services for you. If you prefer to send your employees offsite you can choose from our vast network of collection sites. Please contact us for a quote: Alcohol Test Kits Onsite & Offsite Services.

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